Check In - Check Out:


You can check-out an item that you are currently working on. This gives you exclusive use of the current version and essentially blocks editing to all other


users. The Content Manager automatically checks out an item when you open it for edit. However, you can also explicitly check-out and then check-it-in when you


have completed work on the item.

After you have completed work on the item, you can check the item back in for use by other users


The Version History List lists all versions of a Component, Component Template,Page Template, Page, or Schema.

From the Version History List, you can perform the following tasks:


• Viewing the Version History list
• Viewing a version — display a version in read-only mode
• Comparing two versions — compare two versions of a Component or a
  Multimedia Component
• Rolling back to a previous version — roll back to a previous version of an
   item. You can either discard previous versions or designate a previous version as the current version.
• Deleting a version — delete specified versions

Version control