SDL Tridion’s famous Building Blocks represent the core of this WCM solution. Building Blocks are Component and Page Templates, Component Presentations, Components, Pages and Schemas

The Content Manager allows you to create content and layout items separately and then to combine these items to create publishable Pages. As a result, teams in
your organization can accomplish what they do best. For example, authors can create content, designers can design the look-and-feel of Pages, and editors can
determine what content is published where.

Content authors usually create Components based on certain Schemas (which define permissible content fields), followed by combining those Components with appropriate Component Templates, thus, creating Component Presentations.


A Page may contain several Component Presentations. Every Page requires an appropriate Page Template in order to be rendered properly.


There are two types of Components: Components storing text and links and Multimedia Components handling binaries (.jpg, .gif, .swf, .doc, etc.)


Pages are created in Structure Groups (i.e., a website sections) in a corresponding Publication (i.e., website).


Please find the Visual appearance for building blocks mentioned above.

Building Blocks 

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