What is BLUE PRINTING in Tridion??

Tridion is a content management system basically designed for large enterprises. With the help of tridion a company can manage all facets of their communication such as storing Informations (documents, images, audio, and video), Design (templates for internet), Source-code (source-code of corporate applications), and Visitors (profiling and personification).

Tridion’s foundation and core strength is Blueprinting technology, which has proven its value for organizations that needs Globalised Web sites, Brand management, and Target audience marketing e.t.c,

Globalised Web sites
Tridion’s Blueprinting capabilities allows websites to be created in many different languages for companies with various divisions and locations worldwide. 

Brand management
All the local/locale sites created using BluePrinting will results in a globally consistent image and brand experience.  Hence it enables you to ensure that your brand is used consistently and effectively across corporate and local Web sites.

Target audience:
BluePrinting allows you to create targeted Web sites and Web content for your key target audiences while saving time and cost by reusing selected content, structure, layout and applications.

Seperated Content:
It provides a clear separation of content and layout and the ability to reuse content in multiple channels/websites.

SDL TRIDION stands unique amoung all the CMS PRODUCTS with the help of the core technology BLUE PRINTING.

Will discuss more about TRIDION in the forthcoming blogs.

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Kishore Kumar.N