I have been working on WCMS for around 2 years now and I have developed many applications using SharePoint, DotNetNuke. Recently I have been introduced to a CMS Product called SDL Tridion R5 and I found them Interesting, hence I wanted to share the information with you all.

TRIDION R5 is launched by a Vendor named SDL Tridion(SDL recently acquired Tridion in the Year 2007) and the core product, provides complete Web content management and content delivery capabilities, focusing on ease-of-use for all content contributors, site managers and power users.

The product comes with a new way of modular templating which will give web designers and developers more control over their template design and code.
The architecture is completely based out of XML hence it offers integration with Multiple languages like Microsoft .NET and Java/J2EE environments via Web Services using the SOAP protocol.

SDL Tridion R5 supports Java and COM APIs. The latter is actually TOM (Tridion Object Model), based on COM. In 1999, it was all Perl
Databases: Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and IBM DB2
Platforms: UNIX, J2EE or Microsoft .NET, IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic and Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS)
Languages and protocols: VBScript, XSLT, JavaScript, J2EE , Static and dynamic HTML, JSP, ASP and ASP .NET pages and/or XML/XSLT fragments , Several protocols are supported, including FTP, SFTP, HTTP and HTTPS.

Blue Printing & Other Interesting Features:
SDL Tridion’s foundation and the core strength is BLUE PRINTING TECHNOLOGY which enables to accomplish various organization needs like 

  • Globalized Web sites
  • Brand management 
  • Target audience marketing
  • Multi-channel marketing
  • Enhanced workflow
  • Modular templating
  • Additional platform support
  • Visual Blueprinting

Also it enables the organizations to use their Web sites as an integral part of their communication, marketing, sales and support strategy.

Tridion R5 is recognized as leading Content Management Solution by Forrester, Butler and Gartner.

We have been working on the Implementation of this software to Research Company and we found them very interesting and user friendly to work with.
Kishore Kumar.N