Finding SAP AII documentation in the vast expanse of information provided by SAP can feel like a Where's Waldo adventure. The first challenge is locating the documentation to guide you through the functional and technical capabilities. There is no single source or location where all AII documentation can be found. Depending on the type of information you are seeking, the documentation could be in a help file, configuration guide, business process guide, system documentation or other.

SAP documentation can be found in four primary locations.


  • SAP Support Portal - Release & Upgrade Documentation, SAP Notes Database
  • SAP Help Portal - Provides Online Documentation
  • Consulting, Solutions, and User Group Areas - Configuration Documentation
  • System Documentation - Documentation provided in the application

The SAP Support Portal provides access to Release & Upgrade documentation as well as access to the SAP Notes database. The Release & Upgrade documentation contains the Implementation Guide which consists of the following:

  • Master Guide - provides information about installation, scenarios and their components. It provides links to other documents required for implementation.
  • Security Guide - provides security information for SAP AII.
  • Application Operations Guide - outlines the tasks to be considered and performed to operate SAP AII efficiently and recommends how to ensure high performance with maximum reliability.
  • Link to Installation/Upgrade Guides - the AII Installation/Upgrade Guides are found in SAP Notes. For AII 7.0, it is found in SAP Note 1170681.

SAP Notes are a great source for finding documentation on known issues and corresponding fixes. In addition to the various Implementation Guides, SAP Notes provide update information related to:

  • Product errors
  • Product modifications
  • Product upgrades
  • FAQs
  • Consulting notes
  • Customization notes
  • Etc.

The SAP Help Portal provides additional online documentation for SAP AII. You will find online documentation for each specific release of AII. The SAP Help Portal offers a subset of information available to the public such as User Interfaces, Concepts, Roles, Processes, etc. but does not provide configuration details.

The Consulting, Solutions, and User Group Areas provide access to

Configuration Guides documentation. The configuration guides provide a more detailed guide on how to configure SAP AII for specific scenarios such as Slap and Ship, Flexible Delivery, Secure Track and Trace, Returnable Transport Items, etc. but they assume you already have a general understanding and background working in a SAP environment.

SAP provides a wealth of documentation through their online support portals an system documentation. However, locating where the correct documentation resides can be a challenge. Even after you've found some documentation, it can be unclear which documentation type you need to use and when.

While documentation SAP provides help in understanding the functional and technical capabilities of AII, it is no substitute for the knowledge gained through actual hands-on experience wth AII. There are many areas of AII which simply are not documented, such as details on how specific activities and rules operate. This becomes evident when you need to enhance an existing rule or activity to meet specific functional or user requirements. We know because we have been there.

If you are in the process of planning or implementing SAP AII or deploying
SAP RFID Services, then you will need the breadth of functional and technical iformation about SAP AII in order to ensure you are maximizing the capabilities offered while minimizing the effort and reducing the risk associated with implementing new technologies.

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