SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure has grown from a stand-alone slap and ship solution developed to meet Retail compliance requirements to a fully integrated platform with the ability to track serialized items across the supply chain.  To support the expanded functionality, SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure has to be integrated with SAP ECC via SAP XI/PI to receive material master data, delivery document data, and handling unit data. 


The integration effort requires a mix of resource skill sets including functional and technical Auto-ID Infrastructure resources, SAP XI/PI resources, SAP SD functional and technical resources, and SAP MM functional and technical resources.  Depending on the specific inbound and outbound delivery process, ABAP development resources also may be required.

If deliveries have a mix of serialized and non-serialized line items, then either the delivery has to be split into serialized and non-serialized deliveries or logic has to be added to only send SAP Auto-ID the serialized line items for the delivery.

With the release of SAP Auto-ID Enterprise Version 7.1, there will be a new installation option.  Now SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure can be installed on the same SAP NetWeaver® server as ECC 6 is running on.  This means SAP Auto-ID will share the material master, delivery and handling unit data from ECC, thus eliminating the integration requirement when deployed in this model.


The new ECC standalone deployment option (AII on ERP) is a great candidate for customers who do not require multiple Auto-ID Infrastructure servers, but it is not a solution for all. There are still scenarios where deploying multiple Auto-ID Infrastructure servers is best for performance and customer data segmentation.  This deployment option is only available for SAP ECC 6, so customers using SAP® R/3® or SAP ECC 5.x will still need to deploy SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure on a separate SAP NetWeaver® server.

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