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By virtue of its experience, IOTAP has developed an in depth understanding of the problems faced by offshore development companies. We have hence been able to design a development process that is focused and can cater to these specific problems.


Adopting principles from Extreme Programming, IOTAP has developed an internal framework that can effectively alleviate problems typically faced by offshore development companies. Our application development process is carefully designed to meet the generic needs of the industry, but as and when needed, we can also adapt to your ongoing development process. These are the broad, macro level phases of our application development process:




Any of our application development process first begins with defining the scope of the project in detail. During this phase, our development team in India receives the scope documentation, performance requirements, use case scenarios etc. and fine tunes and segregates these to develop

  • Technical Documentation
  • Functional Documentation
  • Project Timelines etc.

In the event the customer doesn’t have the centralized repository and software development tracking software, IOTAP operations team will setup

  • Upload documents in to a centralized Repository
  • Set up accounts Time Tracking and Issue Tracking



Next comes the design phase. During this phase, the technical architecture is devised, sometimes solely by the client as per his specific requirements, and sometimes jointly by the client team and IOTAP team. The development task is then broken into logical modules and appropriate teams are delegated modules for a rapid action, collaborative development.


Agile Test Driven Development


Once the application development is in place, IOTAP team experts who have a sound understanding of the applications fundamental features viz.

  • Functional Requirements
  • Performance Requirement
  • Use Case Scenarios

Apply Agile Extreme development techniques and develop various test cases based on the use case scenarios. These test cases enable the offshore engineering team to have a fuller understanding of the requirements, and get all open issues validated with the customers.


In order to ensure a superior fit with end user requirements, we deploy an iterative methodology during which we interact heavily with the customer who receives periodic builds. We attract and appreciate comprehensive feedbacks from customers at each stage of the iteration, while we also conduct extensive tests on each build to provide increased functionality. We also provide our customers with the functionality of tracking the time spent and the issue list using the online software set up in the design phase.




Once we receive the approval of the customer, the final build is deployed using the network or an onsite engineer at the customer’s location.




During ‘go-live’ phase, IOTAP provides the necessary training and support for a couple of days/weeks depending on customer requirements to transfer the product administration knowledge to the customer’s IT staff.


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IOTAP provides IT Consulting and Software Services to our customers that enable them connect, communicate and collaborate effectively. We are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Microsoft Cloud Accelerate Partner and use products and technologies like Office 365, Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, Silverlight, and the .Net platform to deliver robust solutions.