Sharepoint - Remote Sharepoint Administrative Service (RSAS)

Implementing a SharePoint intranet is just the first step in improving your business process and collaboration; it is definitely not the final destination. Ongoing administrative tasks have to be performed to ensure the SharePoint environment runs smoothly and efficiently.  Proactive steps must be planned and completed to reduce downtime and improve performance.


IOTAP fully understands that the intranet is the backbone for business communication and collaboration.  Even a minimum downtime to the intranet will result in loss of productivity and revenue. Armed with this information IOTAP offers Remote SharePoint Administration Service that will help you reduce your IT costs and will alleviate downtime and performance problems.


Our Remote SharePoint Administrative Service (RSAS) guarantees the following benefits:

  • Improved Performance
  • Reduced Downtime
  • Lowered IT Costs

As part of RSAS, IOTAP SharePoint administrators will fully manage and administer your SharePoint infrastructure. Our SharePoint administrators are Microsoft Certified specialists and have experience in managing SharePoint environments of different scales.  RSAS covers the following aspects of SharePoint administration:


General Administration :

General administrative tasks includes,

  • Provisioning SharePoint sites based on user requests.
  • Configuring security based on business rules.
  • Deploying SharePoint templates based on business needs
  • Deploy custom web parts and features developed by IOTAP or by other vendors

Maintenance :

Maintenance tasks includes,

  • Periodical backup SharePoint sites and associated SQL Server databases
  • Cleaning up unused sites
  • Installing service packs, hot fixes and patches released by Microsoft

Health Check and Monitoring :

Health check and monitoring tasks includes,

  • Regularly monitor SharePoint infrastructure (SharePoint, SQL server, IIS) using monitoring tools
  • Regularly review SharePoint log files and fix any potential issues
  • Periodically run Best Practices Analyzer and fix any potential issues

IOTAP provides a web based service desk to our customers.  Customers can report issues and submit request for services. The Service desk will notify our SharePoint administrators of the request and they will promptly respond back as per the SLA terms. Planned maintenance time and new installations will be notified via the service desk to end users.

IOTAP provides IT Consulting and Software Services to our customers that enable them connect, communicate and collaborate effectively. We are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Microsoft Cloud Accelerate Partner and use products and technologies like Office 365, Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, Silverlight, and the .Net platform to deliver robust solutions.