Do you ever wish to manage the entire project from a single location, with 100% communication transparency and accountability ?

It is possible now with IOTAP's document management and communication control solution called Communication Control Center !

Electronic Document Management Electronic Document Transmittal Electronic Correspondence

Communication Control Center (CCC), the document & communication management system, works on Microsoft SharePoint platform while seamlessly integrating with Microsoft Office tools and Microsoft Outlook. The solution integrates with your existing SharePoint portal by providing an easy-to-use UI for increased efficiency and improved business results.

CCC helps you manage your project documents  which are spread across several project site locations across the world, being worked upon simultaneously by multiple people, right from your desktop. IOTAP’s CCC is a comprehensive communication and document management system for EPC contractors and AEC companies to collaborate, design, build and operate safe, efficient and compliant plants and facilities. CCC enables you to manage your controlled project documents, engineering drawings and images, contracts and other documents at multiple project sites in a secure way.



External parties from outside the company can transmit, submit or download documents from CCC, as defined by you, through a standard web browser. Your numerous project locations or sites are no longer a hindrance while managing heavy documents in construction engineering projects. IOTAP CCC is designed to ensure consistency both within and between project teams, helping you reduce operating costs, rework-efforts and commercial risks. IOTAP understands the complexity of your projects and the importance of regulations, without which you can incur spiraling costs to deliver on time and with full compliance. CCC provides you complete transparency of who has been sent what version of a documents what date and for what purpose, what has been approved, and how external parties have been involved in the process.


Target Industries
Building &
Oil & Gas Mining & Metals Process & Power Equipments &


Why CCC ?
  • Reduced errors and delays in project accomplishments
  • Transparent communication and collaboration
  • Improved business productivity with effortless collaboration and controlled communication
  • Access to latest document version to all parties
  • Permission based access to communication & documents
  • Secure exchange of controlled documents with external partners, contractors and suppliers
  • Reduced risk of litigation claims due to non-compliance
  • Track the entire communication chain from single place

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CCC adds value

  • Project Managers
  • Document Controllers
  • Engineering Team
  • Camp Boss (Site Leads)
  • Top Management
  • Department Heads

  • Manage and Share all Documents & Communication
  • Collaborate with Partners, Vendors, Customers and Suppliers in Digitally Controlled Environment
  • Central Document Repository
  • Document Templates for Multiple Projects
  • Unique Reference Number Generation for Documents
  • Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office Integration with SharePoint
  • Simplified Document Approval Process directly from Microsoft Outlook
  • Advanced Search Capabilities that enables users to find documents easier
  • Metadata Tagging for easy search of innumerable project documents
  • Easy Workflows for Multi-Tier Approval Process
  • Powerful Business Intelligence Reporting Architecture with Dynamic Dashboards

IOTAP provides IT Consulting and Software Services to our customers that enable them connect, communicate and collaborate effectively. We are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Microsoft Cloud Accelerate Partner and use products and technologies like Office 365, Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, Silverlight, and the .Net platform to deliver robust solutions.