Spitter-Twitter for Sharepoint

SPitter – A Twitter for Sharepoint


Spitter FAQ's

1. What is Spitter?

Spitter is a simple, easy to use and powerful webpart that allows you to share things like short status updates and what you are doing with your colleagues on your sharepoint site- much like a digital bulletin board. Spitter has cool features like URL shortening.

2. How can I use Spitter?

Spitter is easy to use. There is an input box that allows you to post your status updates and there is a display box that you can place in any part of the sharpeoint site that collects the status feedback from all over your site and displays it.

Spitter can work across all your site collections to capture statuses and display them in one or many areas.

Users should have read and write permission on the SPitter Sharepoint list for posting messages to SPitter.

3. What rights are required to install SPitter?

To install Spitter you need Administrator rights on the Sharepoint site where SPitter solution is to be installed. We can provide with you detailed instructions and steps to help you install spitter as long you have an admin next to you

4. What versions of Sharepoint will Spitter work?

Spitter will work with Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0(WSS 3.0), Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007(MOSS), Sharepoint 2010 Foundation, Sharepoint 2010 Server. However automatic refresh of the Spitter display is available only in Sharepoint 2010 version.

5. Will Spitter work in hosted Sharepoint environment?

Spitter will also work on hosted Sharepoint environment provided you have Administrator access and remote connection to the hosted environment.

6. Will Spitter work with Office 365(Sharepoint online)?

And Yes Spitter will work with Sharepoint online in Office 365. We have developed a Sandbox package for the SPitter solution which can be deployed in Sharepoint Online.

7. Can I Archive old SPitter posts?

Spitter posts are saved in a Sharepoint lists. You can archive the posts the way you would archive any other lists on your portal.

8. Can I customize the look and feel of SPitter input box and Spitter display?

You can customize the font, color and Share image of Spitter input and Spitter display by changing the CSS file associated with Spitter. The CSS file will be located in the Spitter Assets library and can be edited with Sharepoint Designer or similar CSS editing tools. The height and width of Spitter display web part can be changed by setting the height and width values in web part properties dialog.

In depth changes like field position change, image size change are also possible but will require customization from IOTAP. Please contact us at support@iotap.com to chat with us about your specific needs.

9. How do I enable posting messages to SPitter via email?

Yes that’s a great idea! You can enable posting messages to SPitter via email by email enabling the SPitter Sharepoint List. This will require SMTP installation and configuration and access to Sharepoint central admin. This option will not work with Sharepoint online and hosted Sharepoint environments.

Contact us for detailed steps through support@iotap.com also if you have other great ideas on how you would like to post status updates on Spitter please we would love to hear about them.  

10. How does users change their picture that is displayed in SPitter?

User pictures are retrieved form their User Profile. If users update their profile picture that will automatically reflect in SPitter display web part.

11. How can the number of SPitter messages that are being displayed in a page be changed?

By default the number of Spitter messages that is displayed per page is 10. The number of Spitter messages that are displayed per page can be changed by editing the page where the SPitter web part is placed in Sharepoint designer.

12. Can a different URL shortening service be used?

Spitter uses URL shortening service from bit.ly. Using a different URL shortening service is possible but will require customization. Please email us at support@iotap.com to request this.

13. Can Spitter be targeted for specific audience?

If Spitter solution is used in MOSS or Sharepoint 2010 Server editions then audience targeting feature of Sharepoint server can be used to target Spitter for specific audience. In case of WSS and Sharepoint 2010 you will have to use Sharepoint designer to make SPitter available for specific audience.

14. Will Spitter be accessible in mobile devices?

As Sharepoint works well with all major mobile devices such as iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7 etc., SPitter will also work with these mobile devices. If you have specific mobile need such as mobile friendly display then contact us.

15. What browsers will SPitter support?

SPitter for Sharepoint 2010 will work in IE 7+, Chrome 2.0+, Safari and Firefox 3.0 +

SPitter for Sharepoint 2007 will work only in IE 7+

16. Is Sharepoint designer required to configure SPitter?

Sharepoint Designer is not required for setting up and configuring the default functionality of Spitter. Sharepoint designer will be needed only when you want to change the CSS for modifying look and feel of SPitter.

Getting Techy:

17. Can the auto refresh speed of SPitter display be changed?

Yes the auto refresh speed of SPitter display can be changed by editing the web part properties of the SPitter display web part.

Note: The auto refresh feature is available only in Sharepoint 2010 edition.

18. Can SPitter be deployed in a Sharepoint Farm environment?

Yes SPitter can be deployed in a Sharepoint Farm environment by running the installation package on each of the front end servers.

19. Can users delete their messages?

Sorry - SPitter doesn’t allow users to delete their messages. However administrators can delete any messages by directly going to the list settings.

20. How do I view my Spitter posts on other devices?

That’s a great idea! Why limit your favorite status updates to just your sharepoint site. Using RSS feeds you can view the posts on any.

21. Can SPitter posts be converted to RSS feeds?

Yes SPitter posts can be converted to RSS feeds by setting the RSS feed option in SPitter Sharepoint list.

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