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CRMUG Summit 2015: Attend IOTAP Happy Hour & Win An Apple iWatch

Early Bird Discount Ends Sept 15th, RSVP For A Chance To Win An Apple iWatch! Join IOTAP in Reno, Nevada October 13-16 for peer-to-peer training and networking opportunities! CRMUG Summit is the only user-led conference, designed for users by users. It’s your annual opportunity to go deep into your Dynamics CRM questions and find solutions that will maximize your company’s potential to reach the next level. This year, we encourage you to Go All IN and experience: Interactive learning Choose from among 120+ educational breakout sessions. Arrive early and take advantage of optional, instructor-led classroom training. Insightful conversations Get practical knowledge and timely tips, tricks and strategies you can use to get maximum value from Dynamics CRM. Incomparable networking Enjoy nearly unlimited ways to meet and learn from other, knowledgeable users. IOTAP Happy Hour Join us on ...

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New version of Report Scheduler (v11) released for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and On-Premise

IOTAP’s Report Scheduler add-on enables easy scheduling of CRM data and works in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online as well as On-Premise.

Report Scheduler already sends the CRM View data inline in email body in tabular format. With the release of new Version 11 of report scheduler, we have also added the functionality to deliver data via attachments – CSV or TXT files which can be directly opened in Microsoft Excel.The additional CSV attachment option allows the users to directly open data in Microsoft Excel.

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Where Does The Time Go? Keep Track With Our Work 365 Time App!

What happens if an employee is asking for time off during a crucial project delivery time? You risk the project getting delayed and the deadline not being met. Now, with our Work 365 Time App, you can avoid this from happening by enabling employees to enter time, request leave, and plan in advance when they are unavailable to work on a project.

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Resetting the AutoNumber counter automatically at the start of the year or month in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The IOTAP CRM Advanced Auto-Number add-on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and On-premise is designed to automatically generate a unique reference ID sequence, based on a format that you may configure as you choose. The latest version of Advanced AutoNumber add-on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you to reset the counter automatically at the start of the year or month based on the configuration settings.

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SharePoint App Types: Part 2

SharePoint 2013 is a great development platform that allows customizations via supported extensibility models. There are two ways to add custom functionality to SharePoint 2013: SharePoint Solutions and SharePoint Apps.

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The SharePoint App Model

We are often asked about the SharePoint App Model. What is it? How does it work? When should I use each of the apps? To answer these questions, we will be featuring a multi-part series on the SharePoint App Model, starting with the basics.

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Downloading or Emailing Microsoft Dynamics CRM reports as PDF, word or excel document in just 1 click

The blog provides an easy approach for converting Microsoft Dynamics CRM reports to PDF, word or excel documents

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Creating Quote PDF document in Microsoft Dynamics CRM in just 1 click

The blog explains an easy way to generate quote documents from report in Microsoft Dynamics CRM using 1-Click PDF solution.

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Manage Work365 SharePoint app Licenses from Office store during Product Trial

License Management

In case you buy/try from the Microsoft app store below are the steps to manage licenses:

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Delegate leave approval using Work 365 TIME application

Work 365 TIME is a TIME off/Leave Management system developed for SharePoint 2013.

It often happen in a TIME Off/ Leave management system that Approving Manager is out of office/unavailable, which impacts the leave management process! Work 365 TIME takes care of this situation and has a Delegate feature, the following BLOG will give you steps for defining a Leave Approval Delegation Matrix:

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