A well-designed Web site allows visitors to easily get around and find the information they want without becoming impatient or frustrated.
Here few of the key rules to be consider while create websites.
1.    Avoid horizontal bar throughout the websites. This should spoil the site usability.
2.    Consider the weight of an image. Use PNG 8bit or GIF or JPG images and reduce color depth where possible. This will increase the speed of the site.
3.    The website layout should be even in all the browsers ( i.e. IE6, IE7, Fire fox 2, Opera 9 & Safari ) under all resolutions.
4.    All the title tags, description tags and keyword tags should be individually optimized for each and every page of your site. By matching the page info and page tags in terms of relevant keywords, the page will get more preference in search engine results.
5.    Enable Accessibility option, so that the site gets attracted by physically disabled peoples.
6.    Use external style-sheets instead of internal and embedded style-sheets. So that we can manage the files easily.
7.    Always include the sitemap. This will help the visitors to find exactly what they are looking for.
8.    All pages back linked to sitemap and homepage.
9.    Keep the backgrounds and fonts consistent.
10. Place the sign in/login button at the right top corner of the site.  This is because the human’s intention goes to that place while he sits before the screen.
11. Enable tool tip wherever necessary.

12. Provide a “contact-form” in the website. Because visitors are more likely to fill out a form to contact the organization/individual than clicking on an e-mail link.



Posted by Kumar.V