Modern business runs at a frantic pace and is not constrained to an office. Customers, Partners, and Employee need you to meet them on their terms – and that means providing them with multiple, integrated channels of communication and collaboration. If you aren’t able to provide them with alternatives, they’ll find somebody who can. At IOTAP, we leverage technology to identify and optimize opportunities where there appear to be none, both for our customers, and yours.

IOTAP provides solutions and services to connect, communicate and collaborate with your internal and external customers, partners and peers across your organization.

Connect: IOTAP provides expertise in deploying, developing and customizing solutions like content management systems and platforms, demand generation and CRM solutions that help you build a strong brand and market presence using tools and technologies that best fit your needs.

Communicate: Organizations need a cost-effective companywide strategy to maintain strong relationships with partners and customers. IOTAP’s CRM solutions and practice can help you customize and deploy any relationship management platform to empower your customer-facing employees.

Collaboration: People and individuals are looking to manage information and collaborate from multiple locations to deliver business value. IOTAP provides Microsoft SharePoint services and collaboration expertise to help connect people and manage information across the organization.

We use a global delivery model and to deliver business enabling solutions.  We are working 24X7 to bring to your doorsteps technology innovations that equip you with the skills and frameworks to meet the emerging competitive challenges.

A consistent record of repeat customers is a testimony of our remarkable track record, quality, consistency and outstanding technological prowess.