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ClickDimensions - Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Report Scheduler for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

ClickDimensions bridges the gap between sales and marketing. Learn more about your prospects by seeing what interests them on your site and emails as well as easily capture information about them through web forms, surveys, and more – all while working in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.



  • Easy-to-use inbuilt email marketing tool inside Microsoft CRM

    ClickDimensions offers an inbuilt experience that empowers you to create and send bulk HTML. It facilitates you with information on all send, open, clicks, and bounce data reporting at the mailing (aggregate) and individual level.

  • Put your campaigns on auto-pilot

    ClickDimensions enables you to create multi-channel, auto-controlled campaigns using an easy drag-and-drop interface. Quickly create nurture marketing campaigns, customer engagements, new customer onboarding and retention campaigns etc.

  • Capture and identify new prospects with web forms

    It is easy to create web forms using ClickDimensions’ drag-and-drop designer. The data captured through web form is automatically linked to their CRM record. A lead or contact records is created for visitors whose data is not available in your CRM.

  • Integrate with event and webinar solutions

    Click Dimension can be integrated with your Go-To-Webinar, WebEx, and Eventbrite to bring the event, registration and attendee information automatically into Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It helps you monitor contacts or leads that are registered and attending your events.

  • Sales and Marketing efforts and success evaluation

    Encash the maximum benefits of having ClickDimensions native inside Microsoft Dynamics CRM through integrated reporting. Collaborate and link your emails, web visits, and form captures directly to CRM campaign records. Use the ClickDimensions content pack to visualise marketing data in Power BI.

  • Create surveys to gather insights

    ClickDimensions in Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help you create surveys easily. Surveys can be emailed to your data available with CRM in the form leads, contacts and accounts. It can be also linked to case records. When a visitor completes a survey, all the data provided by the respondent is linked to their CRM record.

  • Discover prospect customers through web intelligence

    ClickDimension provides with web intelligence report of anonymous and identified visitors on the website. ClickDimensions helps you know about the customer was searching on your website before making the opening call.

  • Quickly and easily determine which leads to pursue

    ClickDimensions tracks individual visitor navigation and activity on your website. Each visitor accrues a score based on his or her visits, page views, and other activities like downloads. Scores vary based on default values you have set to your different depending on their importance in showing visitor intent.

  • Create landing pages without actual knowledge HTML

    ClickDimensions makes it easy to create landing pages within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. ClickDimensions will automatically track all of the visits to your landing page, just like any other page on your website. You can also embed forms and surveys in the landing page to create interactive marketing campaigns.

  • Connect with prospects via SMS

    ClickDimensions’ SMS messaging enables you to send text messages from Microsoft Dynamics CRM workflow.

  • Discover prospect information from the social web

    ClickDimensions enables you to find public information on the social web using the latest social discovery techniques. It captures data and links directly to the lead or contact’s identities from a variety of social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr.

  • Resources at your fingertips

    We provide you with best-in-class after sales service with our extensive training resources and customer friendly support team. We provide unlimited access to our training centre. Our support engineers and marketing success managers are always available to ensure that ClickDimensions fulfils your sales and marketing needs.



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MS Dynamics CRM Add-On Testimonials


  • Works great. We often have need to clone 5 or more records and this achieves it in seconds… Highly recommended! Exceptional service!

  • Super easy deployment and very good control and performance of the utility. Makes me want to explore more of the add-ons as time allows.

    Stuart Fawcett
  • The sub-totaling in v5.0 has been a huge value-add. IOTAP support has been very responsive! Easy to build, maintain and edit… Very happy with this product, highly recommend.

  • It has solved our sales guys problem of managing manual calendars to remember each and every client's birthday or important anniversaries... it helps filter-out the contacts with Birthdays, month-wise or date-wise if the gifts have to be pre-planned !

    Jennifer R
  • What's not to like? It works as indicated. Very flexible. I installed it and started using it… Beyond the quality of their product, IOTAP has some of the best customer service I've ever encountered. They are available, attentive, and will not hide behind emails. Awesome!

  • Cloning functionality is something that you’d expect to be standard in CRM but that just isn’t! Our Quotes are quite huge, as we needed cloning desperately to duplicate our quotes... IOTAP‘s Clone add-on came to our rescue... Great product and very reliable support - we have been using their Clone add-on for past 6 months... And we are happy that their latest version does not use Silverlight... highly recommended!!!

    Glenn Mcguire
  • The add-on was easy to install and setup. Response time of IOTAP support is great ! Now we no longer have to enter cases or update them manually - through this system, we can easily see the history of the case anytime. Cases sent to our support email address are registered in CRM automatically, including the customer contact and account, saving us a lot of manual efforts... Tracking of messages all in one place has improved our company process to a large extent ! This is a great system that I would recommend to anybody who values process.

    Jennifer R
  • Great support, extremely reliable and quick to respond. We had a few questions at deployment, and immediately had a share session with their support team… I would recommend this product to any organization as it is a fair price and will really streamline information within your CRM system!

  • Great product to use! Helps us easily track the coming birthdays and we never miss important anniversaries and events related to our customers - great app to strengthen customer relationship

  • I’m very happy with the "Report Scheduler Add-On" product produced by IOTAP for Dynamics CRM, it took me out of a bind and the installation and setup were both very straight forward.

    Ralph Perez
  • We use Email to Case Premium to support our service team with case management in Dynamics CRM. Our support team saves a lot of time since we don’t have to enter or update the cases manually anymore. It automatically sends an email to our support team which helps us in saving a lot of time. We're very happy with their support team – their responses are quick and easy to understand!

  • The add-on allows automatic generation of ids in a sequence that can be custom defined based on the business requirements. It even allows to update existing records in the system in the same sequence… It is value for money, with a lot of features that are not easily available in a similar package! The FREE TRIAL option makes the purchase easier.

  • Cloning functionality is something that you’d expect to be standard in CRM but just isn’t! Our Quotes are quite huge,as we needed cloning desperately to duplicate our quotes... IOTAP Clone add-on came to our rescue...Great product and very reliable support - we have been using their Clone add-on for past 6 months... Happy that their latest version does not use Silverlight...highly recommended!!!!

    Nigella dsouza
  • Finally, a solution for scheduling reports for a CRM 2011 Online implementation. We have been looking for some time (and even 'hacked' out a solution using workflows) but were difficult to maintain and impossible to deploy to anybody other than senior technical staff used to de-bugging code. We can now distribute views out on a variety of updates (opportunities, customer cases etc) for different audiences, different levels of interest / needs and all done automatically. So easy to set-up and deploy that we have already issued the instructions out to department heads / key staff so they can start producing their own scheduled reports, not having to wait for IT to set-up for them. Very impressed with the speed of development (already two versions on with new features being added all the time) and the close-contact with the commercial and support staff of IOTap - my own issues and questioned answered very quickly and our ideas for future features taken seriously... Having the ability to trial the product gave us the confidence that we could install and deploy and get it working very quickly. Made the purchasing decision very easy in the end as we add an audience of supporting end-users loving the daily / weekly reports that were being delivered to them - no-one wanted these to stop so approval to spend was simple.

    Philli Sykes
  • Easy to use and easy to deploy. You can run it and have it auto-number all the records in a batch.

  • Great product for duplicating entries in CRM 2011. Easy to install and great staff to work with. Highly recommended.

  • In addition to the outofbox-features iotap made a solution for a custom entitity and it works as expected.

    Harald Marchhart
  • In addition to the outofbox-features iotap made a solution for a custom entitity and it works as expected.

    Harald Marchhart
  • Exactly what we were looking for! -easy to install, and performs exactly as advertised - Copy a quote and ALL Part numbers in one-click! - Thanks!

    Randall Smith


Works With

  • Dynamics CRM Online
  • Dynamics CRM On-Premise (Requires Update Roll-Up 12)
  • IFD
  • Partner-hosted


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