Work 365: Asset and Expense Management


Work 365 Asset and Expense Management

Comprehensive Asset Tracking and Reporting built-in with powerful auditing abilities so that you know what you have, where it is and how is it being used.



  • Improve Satisfaction through Rapid Reimbursements

  • Submit Travel and Expense Requests

  • Assign Budgets

  • Track Against Projects

  • Configurable Workflows and Approval Processes

  • Attach Documents and Vouchers

  • Dashboards and Reports to see the status of requests, approvals

  • On Premise, Cloud Based

  • Built on SharePoint, integrates with AD and other Systems


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Work 365 Testimonials


  • Best Helpdesk app available on Microsoft App store! I have tried all the help-desk apps available @ the Microsoft Store, I found IOTAP`s Work365 HELP by the the best! some of its salient features are: Single screen UI, Simple Workflow, Easy to use, Well explained config settings, Well documented user guide

  • We were given very short notice by the company supplying us with our HR portal that they would not be providing the service after the new year. HR have sourced a new provider (for $$$$) but said that it would be a few months before the new system could go live and so they asked us (IT) if there was anything we could setup in the meantime for holidays - a quick search on the SharePoint App store led me to Work 365 Time and the very next day I was able to let HR know that the new Absence system was working and ready for them to configure, I particularly liked the ease of importing users. While it's fairly intuitive, some bits I was a little unsure of, fortunately IOTAP were very responsive to my email query and immediately sent me a manual with clear instructions + screen shots to help me with the setup.

  • It really helped me out to manage my IT help desk system...

    Jeff Reids



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