Work 365: Help and Service Desk


Work 365 Help and Service Desk
Create raving fans out of your customers (internal and external) ! Eliminate email clutter, be more responsive and provide fanatical customer care in organizations of all sizes with this SharePoint Servicedesk application for internet and intranet sites.
Work 365 Help is an easy-to-use solution for managing Service Requests and Help Desks for any department in the organization. Whether there is a need of IT Helpdesk or HR helpdesk, this SharePoint servicedesk app optimizes service desk performances and helps reduce cost and complexity.

Work 365 Help gives a centralized access to manage requests, approve requests and assign them to the right agents. Work 365 also includes agent routing and ticket assignment. The Help Desk Addon is available on a monthly subscription basis with no annual commitment.



The Help Desk add-on for SharePoint Online - Office 365 helps teams manage the process of handling various service requests easily. The Help Desk Addon is available on a monthly subscription basis with no annual commitment.


  • Submit Tickets and Cases

  • Configure and Audit SLAs

  • Configurable Workflows and Approval Processes

  • Dashboards and Reports to see the status of requests and approval

  • Works on both on premise as well as online versions of SharePoint

  • Email Notifications

  • Configurable email templates

  • Automatic Case and Ticket Assignments

  • View Complete Case history







  • Improved User Satisfaction
  • Reduced Email clutter 
  • Built into your SharePoint portal

Work 365 Testimonials


  • Best Helpdesk app available on Microsoft App store! I have tried all the help-desk apps available @ the Microsoft Store, I found IOTAP`s Work365 HELP by the the best! some of its salient features are: Single screen UI, Simple Workflow, Easy to use, Well explained config settings, Well documented user guide

  • We were given very short notice by the company supplying us with our HR portal that they would not be providing the service after the new year. HR have sourced a new provider (for $$$$) but said that it would be a few months before the new system could go live and so they asked us (IT) if there was anything we could setup in the meantime for holidays - a quick search on the SharePoint App store led me to Work 365 Time and the very next day I was able to let HR know that the new Absence system was working and ready for them to configure, I particularly liked the ease of importing users. While it's fairly intuitive, some bits I was a little unsure of, fortunately IOTAP were very responsive to my email query and immediately sent me a manual with clear instructions + screen shots to help me with the setup.

  • It really helped me out to manage my IT help desk system...

    Jeff Reids




This feature has been identified and is in our product backlog and will be made available in the appropriate release.
We would recommend configuring separate instances of the app for HR, IT and Admin for better usability, maintenance and reporting.
Yes, productivity reports for agents can be generated in the product backlog - we can give it to you on-demand.
No, but you can always edit a ticket and assign it to someone else.
Yes, you will be able to do that in the SLA report.
Yes! The application is configurable and can be used to manage any kind of requests within an organization.
Work 365 Help is currently available as a SharePoint application through the Microsoft App store. Please CLICK HERE to start the trial or add it to your SharePoint instance. Work 365 Time is installed as a provider hosted application. This allows us to provide you with the most current and relevant features. if you are interested in a SharePoint hosted version of the application, please write to us at


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