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Small Business Essential Tools

We are a technology consulting firm and our main initiatives are around the modern digital work place. We talk to customers about Digital Transformation, cloud applications, and productivity. As a Programmer myself, I think back to the days when we developed applications for desktops and servers. Then came this wave of website for eCommerce and then all cloud computing power. There was a proliferation of apps for mobile devices, and now, the only applications I run on my computer, besides Microsoft Office is just my browser. Everything I need to access my business and my entire life is available through the browser  or the apps on my cell phone. Even my office files are accessed this way. We don’t have single file share in our office and we make a very serious attempt not to even send files over to each other in email.  One of the last and lingering reason for me to keep any machines in my office was my QuickBooks application. QuickBooks desktop version kept me wanting to maintain a server, it ...

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Group and Overlay Calendar in SharePoint

We would like to talk about group calendar that enables you to see multiple calendars at the same time. For example, a group calendar is helpful when you schedule a team meeting because you can see the availability of team members and conference rooms. Another great feature is to overlay your another SharePoint calendar onto it to create a combined calendar view. For example, when you overlay a calendar to a SharePoint group calendar, you can see your own schedule and the group schedule at the same time. This can be helpful for choosing a time for a team event or planning a time to present training. Note: You can overlay another SharePoint calendar as long as both SharePoint calendars are in the same site collection. Overview: Group Calendar Microsoft Office 365 provides fantastic collaboration options. Collaborate with your colleagues and management Work smarter not harder Advantages No risk of double booking or underused resources Benefit from SharePoin ...

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Where SharePoint Excels at Business Process Automation

Companies seeking an efficient solution for business process automation often look up to Microsoft SharePoint for an effective platform. While SharePoint workflows have some limitations, having a third party engine on top of it can really make a difference. Business process automation using SharePoint in conjunction with something like Nintex workflows can help to streamline operations, reduce costs, increase efficiency, improve customer service, and provide consistency for document-heavy business processes.

In this blog, we look at the different business processes that can be automated with SharePoint.

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How to Select Business Process Automation Software

Plus, which BPA software do we recommend?

Business process management (BPM) and Automation (BPA) software is one of the fastest-growing fields in technology, with estimates for company expenditures on BPA/BPM software ranging from US$13.5 to US$23 billion in the next few years. These figures are likely low-end estimates as well, given the wide-scale digital transformation occurring across industries and the speed at which companies are looking to technology to give them a competitive edge.

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Implementing Agile Business Process Automation

How to use technology to quickly automate your business and save time and money Last week, we introduced you to business process automation and discussed why BPA is worth the investment. This week, we’re going to detail the process we use when working on business process automation software (you may also know this term as business process re-engineering (BPR), or business process automation (BPA)). But first, let’s discuss the philosophy behind our business process automation approach. If there’s one thing that we’ve learned after hundreds of successful enterprise and small business software deployments, it’s that business processes are constantly evolving. That’s why IOTAP strongly believes that an Agile development methodology is a correct approach to business process automation: it allows you to start small, build momentum with quick wins, and continue to grow your automation capabilities as your business evolves. Below are the steps in our agile business ...

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An Introduction to Business Process Automation: Why It’s Worth the Investment

The robots are coming, and there may never be a better time to be in business.

A recent McKinsey study found that approximately 45% of the activities that workers are currently paid to perform can be automated with existing technology. That figure represents approximately US$1.1 trillion of wages in India and US$2 trillion in the United States, an incredible opportunity for businesses to lower costs, free employee time for more valuable activities, and increase profits.

In this context, the question most businesses have today is how exactly they can capitalize on the various technologies in the market. And the answer is Business Process Automation (BPA).

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SharePoint Connect Newsletter - June 2017

SharePoint Connect covers updates, tips & tricks and other relevant information for your SharePoint services. Write to us if you wish us to cover anything in our future publications. Tips and Tricks: We’d like to talk about a simple trick that can enable you to restrict users to only modify their own entries on a Discussion Board List in SharePoint for users to submit their questions/feedback. This is addressed by a feature known as “Item Level Permissions.” Here’s how you can configure it:   In the Discussion Board List, go to List Settings > Advanced Settings Scroll down to Item Level Permissions section Inside the section, you will see two categories Read Access Read all items - Everyone who has access to the list will be able to read any items, whether they were created by the user logged in or someone else. Read items that were created by the user - Users will only get to see entries they ...

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Data Retrieval from Dynamics CRM using JavaScript on CRM Portal (Ver.

The latest release of CRM Portals (Ver. for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is restricted in several ways when it comes to portal extensibility. In the previous version of Portals (formerly known as ADX Portals), developers could access the source code and extend functionality using the .Net Framework. However, in version there is no access to the portal source code, which makes custom development quite limited and a tough task. 

However, the good news is there are still ways we could get around these limitations and get work done.

It is quite easy to expose any Dynamics CRM entity form on the Portal via simple configuration within CRM. The Portal also provides several kinds of client side validations which can be enabled by updating the form configuration in CRM. Developers can also inject JavaScript on the Portal form for handling custom business logic.

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How Users Can Take Dynamics 365 On-the-Go with Mobile Devices

One of the best features of Dynamics 365 is its portability. With administrator support, users can access work from anywhere with smartphone and tablet options, making it an ideal platform for an increasingly mobile world. The Advantages of the Dynamics 365 Mobile Platform Today’s employees are connected, working in offices, on job sites, from home, and on the road. By implementing the Dynamics 365 mobile platform, users have the ability to do their work wherever they need to be. This is particularly important for people in the following situations: Sales professionals who need the ability to create quotes or proposals during off-site client meetings Remote workers who need access from their preferred devices Employees who travel frequently for business and need to check in from smartphones or tablets on the road Executives who need to stay connected at all times Working with Your Administrator to Set Up Dynamics 365 for Mobile Setting up Dynamics 365 for ph ...

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Preparing for the Dynamics 365 Transition

When Microsoft Dynamics 365 replaced Dynamics CRM, many Dynamics CRM users were uncertain at the thought of transitioning to a whole new platform. Now that Dynamics 365 has launched, its time to answer some of the most common questions about Dynamics 365 licensing, improvements, and making a smooth transition.   What Do You Get When You Transition to Dynamics 365   Dynamics 365 launched with advanced business analytics and a comprehensive platform to unite all your business functions under one software umbrella. We’ve explored some of the many benefits of Dynamics 365 in the recent blogs below:   ·      Dynamics 365 offers a suite of tools designed to enhance the customer experience. ·      Advanced artificial intelligence features help predict customer behavior and drive smarter communications. ·      Opportunity history tracking and reporting for sales, fi ...

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