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Microsoft CSP Pain Points Lead Partner To Develop Partner-Facing Solution

Recent press coverage and article from Scott Bekker at Redmond channel partner details a conversation with Ismail Nalwala and the value of Work 365 as a solution for CSP partners. Whether you are direct or indirect Work 365 can help partners run an efficient cloud business as described by Rosalyn Arntzen from Amaxra.

Being Customer Zero On Dynamics 365 - A Microsoft Partners Perspective

Digital Transformation and Customer Experience are two areas that are on top of mind for executives and CIOs everywhere. Dynamics 365 is one of those applications that is at the center of Digital Transformation for Microsoft and its partners. Being a Microsoft partner is not an exclusive club. It’s a challenging marketplace with tight margins and innovation happening rapidly both at Microsoft and with partners. However, there are some perks of being a partner like receiving the Internal Use Rights (IURs) to some of the best technology products like Office 365 and Dynamics 365. The idea is that Partners need to be customer zero, use the products to be able to sell the products. Dynamics 365 formerly Dynamics CRM or CRM online, is one of those products which can be used to run your entire business! As we released Work 365 for Partners I was recounting our journey– which involved us trying to make the most use of the application to keep us relevant and stay ahead. In reflecting back, we wer ...

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How to identify the right Business Process Automation (BPA) tools for your organization

The previous blog provided a framework for business to evaluate tools for business process automation. This blog explores some of the popular business process automation (BPA) tools that are popular when working with Microsoft SharePoint technologies and how they fare against the criteria that we defined in our previous blog. Ratings are provided on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being least favorable and 10 being most favorable. SharePoint Designer Workflows According to Microsoft, SharePoint Designer (SPD) is a tool for rapid development of SharePoint applications. SPD includes the ability to create workflows native to the SharePoint platform. These are no-code workflow solutions that manage simple to medium complexity business processes in an organization. Forms created for SPD workflows often use HTML and/or InfoPath as their underlying technologies. Please note that since SharePoint 2013, Microsoft has introduced Workflow Manager, where workflows can be designed visually using Visio. For this blog, we ref ...

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Framework For Business to Evaluate Tools For Business Process Automation

Business process automation (BPA) is the automation of manual paper-based processes using tools and technology. BPA can help an organization reduce cost and increase efficiency. Once a decision to implement business process automation has been taken, choosing the right tool is the next significant consideration. While there are many tools available for BPA, and a discussion around these is imminent; the criteria for evaluating these tools must first be identified. Each organization may weigh these criteria differently and a framework has been provided to adjust the relative weight of the criteria against each other later in this series. 1 In-House Skillset Organizations often have dedicated IT teams for improving and enhancing their internal systems. Selection of a tool should consider the level of the skillset of the in-house team and Power Users. Often, BPA vendors claim their tool make it easy for business users to create or modify processes that require some understanding of logic and being aware of b ...

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How to Setup SharePoint Communication Site Template for a company-wide Intranet

Organisations think SharePoint portal as a centralized place to get various information such as documents, news, team members, departments, etc. At its core, an Intranet Portal is used to displaying information to business users and formal contents. For the majority of the organizations, SharePoint is just a common platform to come together to share information and communicate but the real motto is not only collaborating but being productive. The only thing that makes any organization a successful one, only by choosing the right tools to achieve their goals. The productivity tools make business users lives well-organized, exciting, easier and more productive.    Let’s ask one question The SharePoint Modern workplace may consist of the home page, Procedures, and manuals, corporate news or announcement but does it provide the relevant information as per the business users need or interest.   Next step The motto of an organization is to provide push information through publishing, ...

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How to Setup Communication Site in SharePoint Online

Microsoft recently announced the rollout of modern Communication sites in Office 356. This new template is available only for those who enrolled for "First Release user in your tenant". You will now have a new site template "Communication site" along with the Team site. The good news is that in coming months it would be released full worldwide for all Office 365 customers. In the past, SharePoint publishing sites were “Classic” SharePoint Online (SPO) sites where publishing feature providing you with features as publishing pages in your intranet site, richer navigation configuration experience, etc. Classic SPO sites lacked few key features such as responsiveness, dynamic content and provided a limited user experience. Communication sites are intended to showcase your product or service, inform and engage others with the enhanced user experience. You can share news, stories, statistical reports and other information in a visually compelling format.   It’s a site collection that i ...

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SharePoint Hassle free Migration with Sharegate & Metalogix

The migration of existing business content to SharePoint 2016 or SharePoint Online (including Office 365) is not a small task. Ideally, organizations should spend time discovering and auditing the content, then creating an ideal information architecture to improve upon existing models. Finally, whenever possible, comprehensive testing before and after the migration should be performed to minimize risk. Major factors such as SharePoint customizations and external system integration need to be fully fleshed out before the migration work can begin.   Move your business to Office 365 or SharePoint Migration and upgrade projects are an opportunity to free SharePoint content so that end-users, developers, and administrators can all benefit from improved information architecture and functionality. To complete the migration activity successfully to SharePoint 2016 on-premises or SharePoint Online (Cloud Provider under Office 365), need good planning and analysis. Many types of migration approaches exist, it ...

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How to setup search topics in Dynamics 365 Social Engagement tool.

The Social Engagement tool is a fantastic social interaction tool for sales, marketing and customer service professionals who want to proactively engage with their audience and customers on social media. It collects data from various sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube and relevant blogs. The visual reports help you spot emerging trends from people’s comments, whether positive, negative, or neutral. It can even read emoticons and emoji’s =) Why Social Engagement? Every business needs to build their brand presence and reputation in the market and to create that social media is a very good platform. There are stand-alone tools out there to help analyze your activity against success measures and objectives. They look at metrics such as clicks, shares, likes, most popular posts and so on. Ideally, you’d use a tool that maximizes existing activities to boost ROI by: analyzing trends in customer sentiment improving existing product lines or creating new products and serv ...

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Custom Icons for List View in Dynamics 365

Visualization is always helpful when it comes to identifying and highlight set of data. With the new feature provided by Microsoft in Dynamics 365, it is possible to display list views with Icons or any kind of graphical representation to make the desired data stand out. Here are the steps to follow. In my example, I want to display indicators for active accounts list according to their membership statuses in Green (Current), Grey (Dropped) and Blue (Prospective).   Therefore, things which we need are:   Step1: First, we will need some images to store in Web Resources for icons. I have used 16*16 pixel .png format images. So, I have used three images and stored them in the Web Resources in my Solution.     You can see here that the images are in PNG format and you can choose to give any name for the images. Step2: We will also need an Option Set to display the indicators based on options selected for the record, the indicator will get displayed. Here I am using OOB ...

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Small Business Essential Tools

We are a technology consulting firm and our main initiatives are around the modern digital work place. We talk to customers about Digital Transformation, cloud applications, and productivity. As a Programmer myself, I think back to the days when we developed applications for desktops and servers. Then came this wave of website for eCommerce and then all cloud computing power. There was a proliferation of apps for mobile devices, and now, the only applications I run on my computer, besides Microsoft Office is just my browser. Everything I need to access my business and my entire life is available through the browser  or the apps on my cell phone. Even my office files are accessed this way. We don’t have single file share in our office and we make a very serious attempt not to even send files over to each other in email.  One of the last and lingering reason for me to keep any machines in my office was my QuickBooks application. QuickBooks desktop version kept me wanting to maintain a server, it ...

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