PowerApps Portals (Part 2)

Planning and licensing the PowerApps Portal While there are so many pages of documentation around capacity planning and licensing the PowerApps Portal, when you get down to implementation, you often get confused and are stumped on encountering the unexpected! We attempt to put forward an actual use case we encountered – 3 issue areas and […]

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Case Management – A Ticketing Application too!

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Dynamics 365 Customer Service is used by Organizations for a variety of reasons – Tracking Completion of Task Requests Recording and resolving Complaints Managing and Monitoring Service issues While some of these reasons may be simple to work on and complete, others may be long-drawn, requiring multiple people to work on […]

Install Google Analytics on your Dynamics 365 Portal in 3 Simple Steps!

Once your Dynamics 365 Portal is set up and Partners and Clients have been invited to collaborate, the next step is to review usage and understand what interests your invitees.  The most simple and effective way to put this in place is via Google Analytics. Prerequisites:  You have updated the portal information on Google Analytics and have your […]

Setting up a Simple Case Management System on Dynamics 365

The article assumes that you are a Dynamics consultant and does not try to technically guide you, but guides you so that you can quickly implement without missing key components  There are 3 main areas to focus on when setting up Case Management on Dynamics 365.  1. Case Settings  Case creation  Parent- Child Cases  Queues and Routing   2. Contract/ Service terms  […]

Create PDF documents from Dynamics 365

Generate PDF Documents from Dynamics 365 Generation of PDF documents from Dynamics 365 is required at many steps within Dynamics 365 processes – ideally to keep a record of a state of a record or to share with users – internal/ external. Some common ways to generate documents was via Document templates, SSRS reports and […]

The Future of Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation

Planner, Project Service Automation, Projects, Finance, and Operations – the Final Vision The 2019 release wave 2 investments have been focused on providing modular offerings where capabilities across Microsoft Project, Project Service Automation, and Finance and Operations service industries are to complement each other in a seamless fashion when combined and provide a simple go-to-market […]