Live Cricket Scores in SharePoint Site site provides RSS feeds of live cricket scores. This can be accessed from the URL Using this feed and Sharepoint designer live cricket scores can be displayed in Sharepoint sites within a jiffy. For using the RSS feed we will have to create a data source. Following are the steps to create a data sources to the live scores RSS feed

1. Fire up Sharepoint designer.
2. Open the page in which you want to place the cricket scores.
3. Open the Data Source Library pane by selecting Data Source Library menu under Task Panes menu.
4. Expand the Server-side Scripts section.
5. Click on Connect to a script or RSS Feed link.
6. Paste the URL in the Enter URL to a server-side script text box.
7. Click the OK button.

Once a data source is created, it can be bound to a data view web part as explained in below steps

1. Drag and drop the new RSS Feed data source into the page.
2. Click the Common Data View Tasks arrow button and select Edit Columns.
3. Remove all columns except the title.
4. In the page select one of the values of the title field.
5. Click on Common xsl:value-of Tasks arrow button.
6. For the Format as the dropdown, change it from Text to Hyperlink.
7. Click Yes to the confirmation dialog.
8. In the Edit Hyperlink dialog box enter {link} in Address field and {title} in Text to display field
9. Click the OK button.
10. Change the heading from title to Cricinfo live scores