How We Can Create Search Provider in Internet Explorer 8 Beta

Search Provider

New to Internet Explorer 8 is the concept of Accelerators. Accelerators enable you to access service providers anywhere on the page

Search Provider Categories

– Web Search
– Topic search

The following sample OpenSearch Description file contains the search provider’s name, URL, and icon.

 <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<OpenSearchDescription xmlns=”“>
 <ShortName>My Custom Search</ShortName>
 <Url type=”text/html” template=”{searchTerms}&amp;source=IE”/>   
 <Image height=”16″ width=”16″ type=”image/icon”></Image>

All OpenSearch Description files must include the search provider name and search URL. Without these elements, Internet Explorer 8 cannot install your search provider. All search URLs must contain “q={searchTerms}” somewhere in the query string. When Internet Explorer 8 navigates to this provider to get search results, “{searchTerms}” is replaced by the query string that the user typed into the Instant Search box. you should include an icon within the OpenSearch Description file.