MYOB CRM Integration

One-Way Integration between MSCRM 4.0 & MYOB Premier 11.0
There are products available such as ‘AccountLink’, which provides integration with these 2 applications.
However, these applications provide integration only between a pre-defined set of entities.
Eg: Quote in MSCRM goes to Quote in MYOB.
and although it was possible to customize the integration to a certain extent, it was not possible to change the predefined set of entities.
i.e: The application would not support integration from the ‘Quote’ Entity in CRM to ‘Orders’ in MYOB or ‘Service Activities’ in CRM to ‘Orders’ in MYOB.
Recently one of our clients had a requirement wherein they needed the Service Activities created in CRM to be generated as Orders in MYOB.
The existing products did not support this kind of integration and hence we created a custom integration engine which would fulfill the above requirement.
Another major advantage being, the windows application built does not use any 3rd party components/applications to carry out the integration, thereby providing more value for money.
Since MYOB does not provide an SDK to interact with, the first step was to identify the tables affected when an Order was created in MYOB.
Since MYOB has a flat file structure, one can use the “Link Table” option provided in Microsoft Access to view the Table structure in MYOB DB.
The most table’s in MYOB has an associated table prefixed with “Import” which can be used to import data into MYOB through an external application.
Eg :
The Order details in MYOB is stored in the table  called ‘Sales Service’
So we could use the ‘Import Sales Service’ table to push data into the ‘Sales Service’ table.
Once the required table is identified in MYOB, data can be moved into MYOB using normal SQL queries with the ODBC drivers provided by MYOB.

Since our requirement was a one-time activity every day, a windows service was written which would fetch data from MSCRM using MSCRM Web Services and create the appropriate SQL queries to push data into the MYOB tables.


Denny Aloor

CRM Technical Consultant, IOTAP