Grouping a SharePoint List by Month Name & Year

Sharepoint custom list data can be easily grouped on any column of our choice. We had a requirement to group a custom list based on Month Name and year from a date column for which we had to create a calculated column and tweak it. This blog explains how this was achieved

1. Create a new calculated column in the Sharepoint list.
2. In the formula for the calculated column use the TEXT function to extract the month name from the date column. The syntax for TEXT function is
          For extracting the full month name use “MMMM” or use “MMM” for 3 letter month names. For example
          Text(StartDate, “MMMM”) will return January whereas Text(StartDate, “MMM”) will return Jan3.

3. Use the YEAR function to extract the year from the date column.
4. The complete formula for the calculated column will be as shown below
5. The calculated (Events) column will now show month name and year as seen in the image below,


6. Now when we create a view and group it by the calculated column(Events) the view will display data as shown below