Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 SDK Updated (4.0.10)

New Additions:

• Using the Paging Cookie – Fetch and QueryExpression sample code to show you how to implement paging.
• Using Pre-generated XmlSerializers – use these supplemental assemblies to increase performance.
• Visualizations (Charts) – These exciting new charts are available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online only.
• Walkthrough: Creating and Registering a Custom Workflow Activity – if you are new to custom workflow activities, this walkthrough will get you started.
• Authentication with CRM Online – these samples have been updated to get the organization-specific CrmService Web service URL from the discovery service.
• Using Filters in a Report – new information about enabling data pre-filtering on reports.
• Stylesheet samples – added HTML, CSS, and image files that provide a starting point for creating Web pages that look similar to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
• Import/Export (Customization File) Schema – updated the customization schemas to be used with the latest releases.
• PluginRegistration tool – includes the latest version of this tool used for plug-ins and custom workflow activities.
• Choosing Between the WSDL and Assemblies – read this new topic to help you choose the best method for your project

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