CRM Integration With Intelligent Email Marketing Tools

The problem that the marketing team was facing was one of not understanding the potency of their campaigns which were being launched using data in Dynamics CRM. The marketing team was fluent in creating a campaign with a strong message and using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM marketing module to launch large campaigns but the team lacked information about prospective clients – was the email content making a strong enough business case for the target audience at prospective clients.

We evaluated many email marketing solutions which could be integrated with Microsoft CRM,

1. Vertical Response  (Vertical Response)

2. Eloqua (Eloqua)

3. Acxiom  (Impact X)

4. Emailvision (Campaign Commander)

5. ExactTarget (Exact Target)

Although all of these companies have strong products and services, based on the customer requirements and discussions with decision makers at the client organization we used Vertical Response to increase the functionality of the marketing Module in the Dynamics CRM.   The consultative approach from IOTAP helped identify that the organization was looking for some insights into what the target audience was doing with the emails. The integration with the third party provider – Vertical Response was based on time and optimum utilization of financial resources for the client organizations using Dynamics CRM which helped in developing analytics related to campaign analytics.

The ability to launch a Vertical Response Campaign from within Dynamics CRM User Interface helped the marketing team track the results of the campaign and tweak campaigns for better results.

1. A new campaign is created based on the option selected in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM User Interface.

2. A marketing list is created based on the records selected in the CRM grid.

3. This list generated is attached to the appropriate campaign in  CRM.

4. A campaign activity of type ‘Email’ is created, however, the emails are not actually sent from CRM but the Vertical Response interface.

5. Five days after the launch of the campaign a workflow is triggered to track the responses received using the functionality available in the Vertical Response.

6. A campaign response activity is created in Dynamics CRM for every response received in Vertical Response.

The integration was completed in three weeks and with an additional week spent in developing familiarity with the Vertical Response product, the customer was able to go live with this solution in just 4 weeks. The IOTAP team has worked on numerous integrations and has developed a proprietary integration tool which helps in integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM with other critical applications like accounting/financial systems and ERP Software. We have found many clients use integrations to increase the richness of data as well as the functionality available in Microsoft Dynamics CRM application to increase productivity and contributions. To read more about one-way integration with applications and overcoming pitfalls please visit


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