Improve Performance of SharePoint Internet Sites

Faster loading websites are the need of the day as even a minor delay in the website response could cause frustration on the visitors part. Faster websites lead to happy users which in turn lead to increased business. A study by Google reveals that visitors spend less time on websites that are slow.

With our experience in building internet websites with Sharepoint, we have acquired knowledge of several techniques that will greatly improve the website performance. Some of the techniques are listed below

1. Setup compression at web server level

2. Setup caching at web server level

3. Remove Core.js and other scripts that are used internally Sharepoint but required for anonymous users

4. Remove unwanted styles and markups from Sharepoint master page

5. Remove unwanted images

6. Minify Javascript files and style sheets

7. Use CSS sprites

8. Remove unwanted web parts

After applying the performance enhancement techniques the speed of Sharepoint internet websites has increased drastically. If you want IOTAP to help you with improving your Sharepoint website performance drop in an email to [email protected]