MSCRM Mobile Express Accelerator

The benefit of accessing an application through a mobile phone has always been alluring for companies who have feet-on-street Sales Executives. Non-availability of an application due to extensive mobility in job profiles, generally, can give rise to employees not feeding in right data at the right time.
Mobile Express for Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables access to Microsoft Dynamics CRM data in a Web browser on a mobile device. Mobile Express for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is installed on the server, not on the mobile device, and is configured in the Settings area of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
Mobile Express for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is available only for Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-Premise and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Service Provider Editions. It is not available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.
The current release of Mobile Express for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 is available in English only.
CRM Mobile Express lets your mobile teamwork with up-to-the-minute Sales, Marketing and Customer Service information, whether team members are on the road, in client meetings or on service calls.
CRM Mobile Express is an easy-to-use extension of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This thin-client application, capable of supporting multiple languages, benefits users by allowing them to capture, track and store critical aspects of their sales, marketing, and customer service activities while away from the office.
Standard and custom entities are supported, including Account, Case, Campaign, Competitor, Marketing List and Opportunity
CRM Mobile Express provides users the ability to view, create and modify CRM data on any Internet-capable device¹. It can be used with any mobile Web browser, including Microsoft Windows Mobile Pocket PCs and Smartphones, Palm-powered handheld devices and RIM Blackberry devices.