How to Reduce the Size of Social Tagging Buttons in SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 provides a set of social features to enable better collaboration.  One of the social features allows users to tag documents, pages, links, etc. within a SharePoint site.  To enable this, there are two UI buttons available as part of the SharePoint ribbon:  “I Like It” and “Tags & Notes”.

During a SharePoint 2010 implementation for a GEO imaging company in Norway, the client wanted the tagging buttons to be less prominent.  Our SharePoint Branding Team was able to achieve this with a tweak to the master page.

Steps to Reduce the Size of Social Tagging Buttons in SharePoint 2010:

  1. Open the SharePoint 2010 Master Page in SharePoint Designer 2010
  2. Search for ControlId=”GlobalSiteLinek3”
  3. Add “-mini”  to Control Id

Original tag ribbon Control:
SharePoint:DelegateControl ControlId=”GlobalSiteLink3” Scope=”Farm” runat=”server”/>

Updated tag ribbon Control:
SharePoint:DelegateControl ControlId=”GlobalSiteLink3-mini” Scope=”Farm” runat=”server”/>

Large Social Buttons:


Small Social Buttons:


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