BPOS Exchange Email Coexistence with Third Party Email Hosting Providers

As part of BPOS implementation for a leading engineering and construction company in India, we came up with a peculiar requirement from the client. Though the client was impressed with BPOS features they didn’t want to spend money on BPOSlicenses if their full potential is not utilized.

The client had a lot of fluctuating workforce in the form of contractors, consultants, and interns and therefore didn’t want to get a BPOS license for them. Instead, they wanted BPOS Exchange email coexistence with the third-party email provider, wherein the external email provider(Gmail in our case) will host the emails for fluctuating users and BPOS licenses will be used for regular employees who will realize the full potential of BPOS.

This requirement threw a challenge to us as we know that BPOS supports coexistence between Exchange online and on-premise but has no direct support for coexistence with third-party email providers.  After trying out several options our BPOS expert team came up with a solution involving a temporary domain.

This coexistence solution provided just what the client wanted and saved him valuable money. If you want to set up a similar coexistence for your BPOS Exchange contact us

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