Top 10 Considerations for Your SharePoint 2010 Upgrade

Every organization that has Sharepoint 2003 or 2007 setup in their company are now thinking about upgrading to SharePoint 2010. Below are the top 10 considerations for upgrading to Sharepoint 2010

1. Hardware \Software Requirements

SharePoint 2010 server requires 64-bit hardware to run. SharePoint 2010 also works only with Windows Server 2008 and above.  Determine if your organization has the required hardware or has the budget for new hardware.

2. Information Architecture

Is an Information Architecture strategy and plan in place for your current Sharepoint setup? If not, it is better to have one created before the Sharepoint upgrade.  If you do have an information architecture strategy and plan in place, re-visit it and refine it to suit your current needs.

3. SharePoint 2010 Features

SharePoint 2010 adds a host of capabilities for end users, administrators, and business users.  Understand the features offered by SharePoint 2010 and identify what appeals most to your business.

4. Customization

The level of Sharepoint customization in your current setup has an impact on the complexity of the SharePoint 2010 upgrade. Determine current customization levels in terms of UI, Web parts, and features.

5. Content Cleanup and Consolidation

The amount of content in your current SharePoint environment has an effect on the upgrade timelines. Survey your current environment and remove content that is no longer required or obsolete.  Identify sites that can be consolidated together. This will help users better locate information in the new environment.

6. Upgrade Approach

There are several upgrades approaches available: in place, database attach, hybrid, etc. Understand the different approaches and determine the best one suited to your needs.

7. Upgrade Tools

There are numerous SharePoint 2010 upgrade tools available in the marketplace from companies such as Metavis, Quest, AvePoint, etc. to assist with an upgrade. Check out the features offered by these tools and determine which tool best matches your criteria.

8. Downtime

Determine what would be an acceptable downtime for your SharePoint environment and communicate it to all stakeholders well in advance.

9. Cloud Move

Think about moving SharePoint to the cloud as part of SharePoint 2010 upgrade. SharePoint on the cloud will enable scaling as required and bring down initial infrastructure requirements.

10. Project Team

Identify a project champion who will drive the upgrade project. Also, form the team that will be involved in the SharePoint upgrade. The team would typically consist of IT admin, SharePoint admin, and key business users.

About IOTAP SharePoint 2010 Upgrade Services

IOTAP has helped several customers upgrade successfully from SharePoint 2003 and 2007 to SharePoint 2010 with minimal downtime and optimal utilization of existing infrastructure. Our team of SharePoint experts is experienced in handling SharePoint 2010 upgrade projects at all levels from the single server to complex multi-server SharePoint farms. To know more about IOTAP Sharepoint Upgrade Services visit IOTAP Sharepoint Upgrade Services page.

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