SharePoint 2010 as a Solution Platform

SharePoint platform has been around for 10 years and is gaining more traction with the release of SharePoint 2010 version. To-date, SharePoint has gained viral adoption within businesses and is being used for both practical and some impractical solutions. SharePoint has grown from just being a portal system to a complete platform on which business solutions can be built.

SharePoint 2010 offers several features and enhancements that allow the creation of business solutions on top of the SharePoint platform; with all the capabilities and features of SharePoint 2010 platform – partnering with the right implementation team is vital to making the most of the platform.

The Six Pillars of SharePoint 2010

Capabilities of Sharepoint are normally depicted in the Sharepoint wheel with six pillars.  The 6 pillars of SharePoint have changed quite a bit between the 2007 and 2010 versions.  The difference between the 2007 pillars and 2010 pillars clearly indicates that the focus has changed from technical capabilities to business capabilities. This also shows that Sharepoint 2010 has evolved into a solution platform rather than a portal and collaboration enabler.

sharepoint 2010 pillarssharepoint2007wheel



SharePoint 2010 allows the creation of any type of site in just a few clicks.  The sites can range from a simple team site to a partner extranet or even a public facing website.


SharePoint 2010 provides great collaboration tools that allow users to share ideas, find information, and locate people from within a managed environment.


Enterprise Content Management features of SharePoint allows users to create and manage content with relative ease.  SharePoint’s integration

with Microsoft Office provides a familiar user experience for creating content. Web content management features of Sharepoint 2010 facilities creation of content-rich internet sites.


SharePoint 2010 provides a personalized, efficient and effective

search capability that enables users to find the information they require easily.


SharePoint 2010 has powerful business intelligence features such as interactive dashboards, scorecards, and KPIs that provide access to business information and tools for better decision making.


SharePoint 2010 provides building blocks that enable non-technical users to create interesting business solutions. The new Business Connectivity Services feature simplifies data integration from disparate enterprise systems.

Partner Tools & Solutions

Microsoft Sharepoint Partners like IOTAP has developed several tools to augment the SharePoint platform capabilities. These tools complement out-of-the-box features of the SharePoint platform and add value to end users.

Partners and independent vendors around the world have developed complete business solutions that run on SharePoint platform. Some of these solutions include project management applications, HR applications, Scanning, Legal Records and Social applications. These solutions utilize the core capabilities of Sharepoint platform and add business-oriented functionality.


Sharepoint 2010 core capabilities along partner tools provide a robust platform for business solutions. An experienced SharePoint 2010 implementation partner like will be able to guide you to better leverage the capabilities SharePoint platform and also select the correct mix of partner tools to meet your business solution requirements.