Collaboration Improves Sales Productivity with Sharepoint and MS CRM Integration

  • Do your sales and customer service teams have produced documents to help them answer customer questions at their fingertips?
  • Can engineering share up-to-date specifications with the sales team easily?
  • Can your proposal contributors find the account and project information they need without tracking down the sales rep?

The combined power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and SharePoint 2010 bridge the gap between customer interactions and company content. Through both native integration and enhanced support for customized integrations, we have a whole new set of possibilities to seamlessly link your customer-facing team with product, delivery and support teams.

A clear benefit to this enhanced integration will be significant license cost savings for employees that don’t need full access to the CRM system.  In addition to cost savings, the business benefits can be profound.

Business benefits from enhanced integration :

Over the coming weeks, we will dig deeper into the specific uses and benefits of the CRM 2011/SharePoint 2010 integration, but a short list of highlights includes:

  • Document collaboration – Out of the box, CRM 2011 allows SharePoint document libraries to be associated with CRM records. CRM and non-CRM users will be able to collaborate more efficiently with documents accessed through either application.
  • Expose CRM data in SharePoint –CRM data can now be made available through SharePoint sites, allowing portal users to access CRM information without a CRM user license.
  • Display CRM reports in Sharepoint – Complex business reports of CRM data can be created with SQL reporting services and delivered to a targeted audience through SharePoint.
  • Dashboards and KPIs – Meaningful dashboards and KPIs that provide managers with better information to base their decisions can be displayed in SharePoint reporting data from CRM.

As a Microsoft Gold Certified partner specializing in customer relationship management, portals and collaboration, we thoroughly understand how each platform can be used to maximize value to your organization.  Call IOTAP when you are looking for an innovative solution to your unique business requirements.