Second Set of Service Updates for Sharepoint Online – Office 365

The second set of service updates for SharePoint online – Office 365 has started to roll out yesterday. This service updates includes several new features and fixes. The most useful feature is the ability for external invitees to use their business email address to access SharePoint online.

Below are the high level features that are available as part of the service update

Increased Scalability – SharePoint Online till now can accommodate 20,000 active directory user objects.  With this service update SharePoint Online can scale up to 500,000 active directory user objects.

Enhancements to Recycle Bin – SharePoint online now has several levels of recoverability from accidental deletion right from particular list item to site collection.

Directly Open PDF Files – The service update enables users to directly open PDF files from a SharePoint online document library without having to download them.

External users can sign in with their business email – External users who are invited to SharePoint Online site collection can now use their business email address to authenticate themselves. All they have to do is associate their business email address with Windows Live ID.

The new features that are made available in SharePoint Online make it a more viable option for building out any company’s intranet and extranet portal. Contact Us to know more about SharePoint Online and how it can improve collaboration.