‘Socializing’ Microsoft CRM

Social CRM is scaling up the traditional CRM system to leverage the social web and proactively become part of the conversion process. The social CRM can be used by Marketing, Sales and Customer Service teams to listen to conversations, to join in immediately with Customer conversation, offer them value in terms of information and solutions, and be aware of the issues/feedback coming from customer’s interactions on the social web.

Some might argue that today’s social media is much more fun and interactive, but there is more to it. No other traditional social channels, before Facebooks and LinkedIns of these days, have managed to make sales, marketing, support department communities stand up and take notice. There is a loud voice up there on these channels talking about products, services, organizations, likes and dislikes, opinions, feedbacks, etc.

This collectively forms the sphere of influence over prospective buyers, evaluators, decision makers, and together they lead to a good or bad brand image for a business entity. It is obvious to say that Social Media, in future is already pushing businesses towards a change of strategies with regards to their Sales, Marketing, and Support efforts.

The ‘customer reach’ that social web provides is unmatched by any other channel and it is said that going forward, corporate websites will be replaced by their Social web pages. Here are some of the examples:

  • Advertisers use profile information to market specifically to certain users.
  • More than 120 million professionals registered on LinkedIn and the number of employers using this site to recruit new employees is phenomenal.
  • Sales and Marketing executives using connections on LinkedIn to reach decision makers and by-passing gatekeepers.

IOTAP’s Social Media Connector for Microsoft CRM provides integration with popular social media community like LinkedIn and can be extended to Facebook too.



Allowing your internal teams to collaborate against these communities ‘databases help your organization to develop an online presence and also be in touch with your customers/prospects. Social Media Connector allows you to reap all the benefits of MS CRM including designs of the user interface, searching and reporting.

Steps Ahead?