CRM Mobility and Cross-Browser Support Feature Release Date Delayed until Q4,2012

I know that everybody has been eagerly waiting for the “CRM Anywhere” release. The experience of using CRM from anywhere (any smart device) or any browser (especially for MAC users) is going to turn the tables for the present offerings from Microsoft CRM!!!

Hold your horse people as this feature has been moved to Q4 release.Fingers crossed


Well, this postponement is going to come as a slight setback for users who were eagerly waiting to use CRM from their MAC or Smart devices. (and yes also for Partners like us who had promised the same to their customers)…however, I don’t see this as a huge impact because most of our Customers are still using CRM from their Outlook… but I do agree that we were slightly disappointed.

Last month we had tested our deployments for Multi-Browser compatibility with the beta edition of this release and found the scripts breaking at the number of places. Even though the Custom Validation tool released by Microsoft helped us a lot, we still felt that more time was needed to smoothen out the migration to the new release. Hence even though the release has been scheduled for Q4, we would highly suggest Microsoft release the new Beta during Q3 so that we have enough time to ensure nothing breaks.

The other important feature (that is going to be released this month: July 2012) that I personally have been looking forward to is:

a. SQL Server 2012: With this update, CRM 2011 will be ready to work with SQL Server 2012 which offers high scalability, super performance and enhance BI capability

b. Custom Workflows for CRM Online: Previously if we had to bring external data into CRM, do some custom actions or Integrations then the only option available to CRM online customers was to host the functionality into a separate cloud (using Windows Azure Services). However, with this release, it would be possible to perform all these actions within the CRM online platform.

To learn more about the details on these new capabilities check the release preview guide

Steps Ahead?