Why We Should Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011?

It’s been quite some time since Microsoft has released Dynamics CRM 2011 but there still are many customers stuck on CRM 4.0 (read Stone Age clip_image001), maybe because they foresee upgrade risks or have fear of downtime. As a matter of fact, upgrading to MS Dynamics CRM 2011 is a walk in the park if you read and do the right things. More on that in my other blog here. For now, let us look at some reasons why we should upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.

1. Dashboard

One of the most amazing features to come out of CRM 2011 is the inclusion of dashboards. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 delivers built in real time dashboards enabling you to get a snapshot of your sales, marketing and service team performance.

2. Charts

All through the application you now have visibility to charts alongside data grids. These are inline, interactive charts that allow you to navigate data visually. Furthermore, these charts can be given security roles to manage visibility.

3. Field Level Security

Do you still use development services every time there is a need to apply security at the field level? Not anymore – with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, allow an administrator to manage field level security for different users//teams.

4. Improved Outlook Integration

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 further tightens the integration with Outlook and gives a consistent user experience whether a client is working on browser client or Outlook. Apart from these, the user can now take advantage of native outlook functionalities like conditional formatting, view CRM as a subfolder in Outlook, and much more.

5. SharePoint Integration

Are your salespeople using SharePoint and CRM separately during the sales process for referring and versioning sales collateral? Increase their productivity with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 that comes out of box integrated with Sharepoint.

6. Auditing

Now let your administrator track all creates, deletes and updates happening in the system. Additionally, it also logs when and from where did user access the system.

7. Role-based forms and views

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 allows you to create multiple forms and views and manage their visibility using security roles. This could be useful in scenarios like hiding forms/views from unauthorized users or designing task-based forms.

8. Manage security at a team level

A record can now be owned by Teams as well, along with user ownership. Furthermore, Security Roles can be assigned to Teams thereby removing the need to manage security at an individual user level.

9. Enhanced Data Import Wizard

A number of enhancements have been introduced in the Data Import Wizard of CRM 2011:

· Support for CSV, TXT, XML, or ZIP file types

· Support for Option Value Mapping (pick lists)

· Support for Lookup Mapping

· Support for a single source file with multiple entities (Account & Contacts)

· Support for Bulk Update of records via Import Wizard

10. SDK

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 brings a lot to the table for developers in areas of Reports (FetchXML), programming model, and much more.