Microsoft Dynamics CRM December 2012 Update Rollup 12 – Polaris

Please find below the summary of the upcoming functionality for the most awaited update rollup 12 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2012:-

  • Browser Compatibility

    The Cross-Browser support is finally here…now work in CRM in your favorite browser!!! Initially only the user aspect of the CRM was going to be supported across multiple browsers, however, the MSFT team worked twice hard and got the support extended even for the administrative functions…which is a great news!!!

  • User Experience

    The new user experience is a more intuitive way to work through a business process in a guided fashion. Utmost care has been taken to reduce the number of clicks and pop-ups needed to achieve any action. Presently this is available only for selected entities like Accounts, Contacts, Opportunity, Leads and Cases. Expect the full set of functionalities to be available in future updates slowly and steadily!!

  • Custom Workflows

    This is the most awaited feature (second only to the multi-browser compatibility) will now allow CRM online organizations to connect with any external systems in the world. We are releasing a number of add-ons in coming months that were just waiting in-line for this feature to be available in CRM Online…stay connected with us to receive more updates.

  • Bing Maps

    Now view your Accounts and Contacts in embedded Bing Maps within the CRM forms. Presently this would be available only for the new process forms (Leads, Accounts & Contacts).

  • Time Lines

    For CRM Online Customers: Update Rollup 12 will be applied automatically between 1st Jan and 31st Jan 2013.

    For CRM On-premise Customers: Update will be available by 10th January which could be applied manually and through windows update around 22nd January.

Below is the list of various other features that would be part of this release:

  • Yammer Integration
  • Skype Integration
  • CRM for iPad for Sales functionality only
  • SDK New features (like Bulk data load API for large datasets)
  • Support for new compliance standards

Please note that these features will be available by default in new CRM Online sign-ups after 14th Jan for North America and 16thJan for EMEA and APAC.

CRM Dynamics is a great platform to build CRM solutions for small business to the enterprise organization. However, to enhance the platform, add-ons from different partners provide a great way to improve the user experience and improve productivity.