Building a SharePoint App Story

We have started the development of SharePoint Apps, currently working on SharePoint hosted App with the custom master page, but having one technical issue in development as explained below.

The scenario from start is:

1)  I have created an App which contains 4 lists, an app has been tested with lists and all work fine.

But the list item open in the main page of an App load on full page, I mean to say is there are no any master page contents like header & Quick launch details, which does not match with my requirements, because I have any number of lists and I would require navigation to move from one list to another.

2) So now to make it available in app page, I have added a custom master page and quick launch in-app default page.

I have followed the article mentioned in below link for this task:

After the implementation of a master page, the page looks like:

But after implementation of this, the new issue has been raised and the issue is when trying to access/trying to open list from the page it throws an error without a proper error message, please check below screenshot for error.

Currently trying to resolve this issue.

Issue Resolution:

I have resolved above issue by one simple process, please check below steps for resolution of an issue in detail:

I have followed below article for master page implementation, but the article contains two sections:

a) Custom Master Page implementation &

b) Custom app web template implementation.

As of now, my requirements are only to implement master page so I have followed below article and create a simple test application with a single list item:

So the changes which I did to works application fine is only, I have commented ‘WebTemplate’ section inAppMenifest.xml file of App, which was added for custom web app template.

<!–<WebTemplate Id=”{24d2d79d-4ecd-4f11-8bcf-24671411fcc4}#CustomAppWebTemplate”/>–>