Never Forget Birthday Greetings Ever Again- Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customer Loyalty and Retention Tip

One of the most effective ways to impress your Contacts is to remember their birthdays. A simple wish from you on their birthdays is proven to show your attention to them, leading to personal openness to you and subsequent success of sales. The problem is how you manage to remember each and every client’s birthday?

The standard functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM does not allow you to filter out the contacts with Birthdays, month-wise or date-wise. Birthday Reminder add-on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM bridges this gap by providing this ability.


CRM Birthday Reminder add-on helps Sales and Marketing team keep track of birthdays of CRM Contact by displaying the Upcoming Birthdays on the Dashboard. It displays the Contact Name, Day – Month and Age.


  • Be notified on the Dashboard as the birthday of each Contact approaches
  • CRM Users can select contact whose Birthday reminder needs to be activated
  • Ability to browse to Contact details form directly from the Birthday reminder panel in Dashboard

Perhaps the best part of Birthday Reminder Solution is that it is completely free to use!! 

To download and try the solution, visit the Birthday Reminder license request page

Further, if you would like to receive Birthday Reminder notification’s in your email, then feel free to check-out CRM Report Scheduler add-on! This add-on will automatically email you a list of Contacts who’s Birthday or Anniversary is approaching.


And if that’s not enough, then the next release of Report Scheduler add-on will have enhanced functionality to send automatic Birthday Wishes to your customers on their Birthday!

CRM Dynamics is the great platform to build CRM solutions for small business to an enterprise organization. However, to enhance the platform, add-ons from different partners provide a great way to improve the user experience and improve productivity.