Upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Compatible Add-ons

We are happy to let you know that all our add-ons are now compatible with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015.


This 2015 compatible version has been released as a separate solution file which the keyword “2015” in the file name for easy identification.

Our existing add-on customers who are on the active support are entitled to a free upgrade to the 2015 version!

Before upgrading to the newer version of the add-on, following points are to be noted:

Add-On Zip file – The add-on zip file contains user-guide and 2 solution files. The solution file with 2011 in file name work in CRM 2011 as well as CRM 2013 whereas file with 2015 in the name work in CRM 2015 only.

License activation – In order to start using the add-on, you will need to get the license activated. We have now introduced online license activation in all our add-ons. For detailed instructions refer to user-guide section 2.5 Activating a paid license.


Upgrade path- We have made some major technical changes to our code-base, hence there is no direct upgrade path for the 2015 compatible add-ons. Before installing this newer version, you will need to delete any existing older version solution. Please note that on deletion of an existing solution, the add-on related configuration settings will be lost.

All IOTAP CRM add-ons are managed solution, hence the un-installation is direct and clean. However, there are few important points to consider when uninstalling which have been listed down by each add-on below:

  • Record Clone: If you have manually added clone button to any additional entity (other than those which were already available out-of-box) then you will need to first remove the clone button from those entities. Once the dependencies are removed then the add-on can be uninstalled directly.
    Further to let you know that we are presently working on a newer version of a clone which makes adding cloning to any entity in CRM very easy (to be released mid-march 2015). This is a good news for our clone customers who need to use cloning across many entities other than the ones on which cloning is provided by default.
  • Advanced AutoNumber: Before deleting the solution, the autonumber configuration records need to be deleted. Only then the autonumber solution file can be uninstalled.
  • Report Scheduler: If you have too many scheduled records then you can export those records (RS Scheduled entity) and re-import it back after installing the newer version by following the instructions in report scheduler user-guide section 2.18 Upgrading to a higher version of the add-on.
  • Email 2 Case Automation: The configuration settings will be lost on uninstalling. Kindly make a note of the current settings before uninstalling.

Feel free to email [email protected] if you have any questions or need help with the upgrade.