IOTAP Has an Official Support Site!

First off thank you for finding this article and if you have ever shared your feedback with us, this article is a result of that feedback! Every question and interaction with you allows us to improve and we would like to take this opportunity to share some of the recent changes and enhancements that we are making to support you better!


Support Portal

On our new website, we have created a support page! This support page is going to be your portal to access technical and support content on our site. You will be able to access a live technical support agent, access forums for discussion and many other useful assets and tools to get help and answer your questions.


The Knowledge Base (KB)

We have converted all the user guides to a digital knowledge base articles. This will allow you to search for answers directly instead of referring to the documentation in the user guide or having to wait for an email response from the support team. The knowledge base will provide answers to your most urgent questions and provides easy browsing by topics. And if you want to take it to go print out any section just click export to convert it to a PDF!


Community Forums

To access our forums, click the “Forums” link from your browser window. In addition to the online forums on our site, we would like your feedback on other collaboration opportunities. In addition to the online community forums on our site, we are launching user yammer groups for the CRM add-ons and the work365 apps where you will be able to get answers quickly, share your feedback and see how others are using the applications. Please click the links to join the groups.


Chat Support

We now have live chat support on our site on various pages. This will allow you to reach someone right away. Just click the small chat icon button on the pages where you see the live chat option. In case we you don’t find a live chat agent- just leave a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Product Downloads and changelogs

For each of the solutions, we now have a download area where you can browse to the most current version of the application that you are interested in. You will be able to see the changes and features directly on the site and best of all not have to wait for support to send you the solution and product files. In order to upgrade the solution, you will need to ensure that you have an active maintenance plan in place. Customers on a subscription plan are eligible to upgrade at any time.

 We hope you find the updates and enhancements useful! We would love to get your feedback! You can write to us on the Yammer groups, or email us at [email protected]