Resetting the AutoNumber Counter Automatically at the Start of the Year or Month in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The IOTAP CRM Advanced Auto-Number add-on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and On-premise is designed to automatically generate a unique reference ID sequence, based on a format that you may configure as you choose. For example, you could select:

1. Account: ACC-000006-0515 (The prefix, ACC, is chosen as an identifier by the user; the six digits in the middle are a sequential counter, and the suffix displays the month and year)

2. Quote: QUO-002-JU78D6 (Here, the suffix is simply six random characters)

3. Order: PO#00008-021513 (In this example, the suffix displays the month, date, and year)

While the addition of auto-numbering makes your use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM much simpler and more intuitive, what is even better if the counter can reset automatically!

The latest version of Advanced AutoNumber add-on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you to reset the counter automatically at the start of the year or month based on the configuration settings.

For example, you may have a 5 digit auto-number where the first two digits represent the year and the last three digits would be a rolling count of records for a given year.

For 2014, the records would have a sequence such as 14001, 14002, etc… and then for 2015 the first record would be numbered from 15001, and so on. To deliver this, the counter needs to recognize the start of a new year and automatically reset. We’ve made it easy to do this; simply set the “Reset Counter” field to “year” as shown in the screenshot below:


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