Big Changes for Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Here’s What You Need to Know About Dynamics 365

Microsoft recently announced that Microsoft Dynamics CRM will be discontinued on November 1st, replaced by Dynamics 365. Dynamics 365 represents an evolution of Dynamics CRM that will combine customer relationship management tools with enterprise resource planning (ERP) capabilities and predictive artificial intelligence in a cloud-based environment

As you can imagine, this is an exciting step for today’s on-the-go businesses. Over the coming weeks, IOTAP will be sharing what we’ve learned about the many changes that have been incorporated into the new Microsoft Dynamics 365 product. To begin, here’s an overview of the changes that will roll out on November 1st.

What changes are in store with Dynamics 365?

Microsoft’s vision for Dynamics 365 is to offer organizations a flexible way to manage customer relationships and business operations in any kind of environment while providing a greater level of personalized automation. The software will have a variety of purpose-built apps to manage important business functions such as those below:

  • Financials
  • Field Service
  • Sales
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Product Service Automation
  • Customer Service

The other big change in addition to delivering purpose-built applications is that Dynamics 365 will be available in two editions- the Enterprise Edition and Business Edition. The Enterprise edition applications will include all the great innovation, technology, and extensibility that we are all currently used to seeing. These applications are also available as Plans and also include tiered pricing. Please contact us to learn more about the pricing and which plans may be better suited for your organization.

The Business edition is expected to be a simpler and more small business-friendly version of the well known Dynamics suite. The sales and marketing applications in the Business application are going to be available in the Spring of 2017. Currently, the Business Edition of Dynamics only includes Financials. The pricing for the business edition is certainly more geared towards the SMB marketplace and is expected to be at $40/user/month. In the Business edition, the number of users you can have on the plans is limited to 300 total users. The features and functionality of the Sales, Marketing and customer pieces are not all known and available at this time.

Dynamics 365 Relationship Insight Tools Help Deliver Better Customer Experiences

Dynamics 365 is built to allow businesses to focus on all aspects of personalized customer experience delivery. On-going analysis of data in Dynamics 365 allows sales professionals to nurture customer relationships and plan daily activities. Tools like Relationship Assistant, Email Engagement, Engagement Analytics, and Auto Capture help connect the dots to ensure that customers receive the personal touches they’ve come to expect.

  • Relationship Assistant: This app will allow service providers to monitor all activities, opportunities, and customer communication in a single location that is able to gauge that relationship’s health. Dynamics 365’s business intelligence capabilities will help your organization find patterns in the data and make informed decisions to optimize your communications based on analytics and analysis.
  • Email Engagement: Author and monitor messages inside Dynamics 365. Track email performance and get insights into your most invested prospects with Dynamics 365 business intelligence capabilities. Microsoft’s Email Engagement app makes it easier to send the right message to the right person at the right time.
  • Engagement Analytics: Compare successful deals to current communications to discover patterns and optimize engagement with an app backed by artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. Understand prospect sentiments, and use metrics to inform your outreach and turn leads into sales.
  • Auto Capture: With the Dynamics 365 Auto Capture app, you can instantly analyze your Microsoft Exchange inbox to locate important messages and trace them back to your communications via Dynamics 365. This is another example of Microsoft using artificial intelligence capabilities to improve communications and increase efficiency for sales and service professionals.

More Options and Opportunities with IOTAP and Microsoft Dynamics 365

IOTAP helps you use Microsoft products to create the opportunities that power their businesses. The new Dynamics 365 offers expanded options and opportunities for personalization and intelligent automation throughout your business. The product’s improved selection of apps, coordination between platforms, and integrated solutions will unlock an entirely new universe of business process possibilities.

What does this mean for Dynamics CRM Online customers?

If your organization is already invested in Dynamics CRM, your service will continue uninterrupted until it comes due for renewal. And if your organization wants to purchase Dynamics CRM before the October 31st deadline, that option is available. When it comes time to renew, your Dynamics CRM subscription will convert to Dynamics 365.

Check back for a detailed analysis of more Dynamics 365 features in the coming weeks, or contact IOTAP today to learn more about the changes coming to Dynamics CRM.