5 Ways to Speed Up Customer Service & Increase Efficiency with Adxstudio Portals and Dynamics 365

A 2015 study by Forrester research found that web-based self-service is a popular channel for customers to find support. The web-based channel along with other channels like email and telephone is part of a well-rounded customer service strategy. Developing channels for customers or partners to reach you only increases the likelihood of a successful interaction. In the past, we have discussed how email to case is a critical component of the service channel strategy. However, Pairing Dynamics 365 with Adxstudio portals is another way to a web-based channel for your organization to improve customer satisfaction.  Below are five ways Dynamics 365 users are incorporating ADX portals to provide a better experience for their customers.

1. Improve Customer Service

Enhanced customer service is the biggest advantage of working with Adxstudio portals and Dynamics 365. We’ve already talked about the value of creating personalized customer experiences for today’s demanding consumers. ADX portals are a web interface between Dynamics 365 and your customers that provide unprecedented self-service capabilities in the following areas:

  • Help Desk Support: Alleviate the burden on your customer support team with a self-service customer portal that integrates directly with your ERP and automation systems. Let Dynamics 365 and ADX portals help you deliver responsive service, manage support tickets and warranties, and capture levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Create a Dynamic Knowledge Base: Gather information from customers and staff, and compile that knowledge into a database of resources for customers who prefer a self-service approach.
  • Feedback and Crowdsourcing: Conduct online surveys and polls to obtain customer feedback and identify issues to improve your products and customer experiences.
  • Gain Valuable Insights: Use Adxstudio portal activity data, reporting, and analytics to gain insights about your customers, products, and leads. Generate reports and adapt your online portal as your organization grows.

2. Serve the Public Sector

Adxstudio portals can be configured with Dynamics 365 to create self-serve opportunities for local and state agency constituents. The public sector can engage with citizens using Dynamics 365’s social media and portal publishing tools to manage citizen service requests efficiently and reduce administrative costs to deliver items like self-service permits and applications.

3. Grow Your Partner Channel

Dynamics 365’s Adxstudio integrations are ideal for supporting and coordinating efforts across complex marketplaces. Quickly onboard channel partners, manage multi-level partner relationships and assign inbound leads to partners using web-based portals linked to Dynamics 365. Use Adxstudio portals to create opportunities for partner growth, and aggregate sales data to separate areas of successful performance from those in need of support.

4. Manage Conferences & Events

Event management is a logistical challenge. Dynamics 365’s ADX portals make it easy to schedule, accept payments, manage sponsors and speakers, and provide attendee information that is directly connected to your larger database. Adxstudio portals and Dynamics 365 also provide secure transaction processing and attendee pulse feedback to increase efficiency and gather real-time information from event attendees.

5. Deliver Premium Online Shopping Experiences

Dynamics 365 and Adxstudio portals allow companies to offer a truly personalized online customer experience. Grow customer communities, provide self-service and interactive features to improve UX, and deliver a top-notch online shopping experience with all modern conveniences today’s online consumers demand.

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