Cloud Connect December 2016

Tips and Tricks:
Did you just finish a document that you now need to attach to an email? Instead of browsing for it, save a few clicks and hit “attach” in Outlook 2016 when drafting an email. A drop-down menu will appear that lists your most recently edited documents.
The Cloud is a safe place to do online business but cyber threats and security are the number one risk facing all digital communication and assets.
A question of the Month:
What is the difference between an Office 365 Group and a traditional Distribution List?
For a 90-second video on groups.

An Office 365 group is a distribution list AND MORE! You not only get the full functionality of the original Distribution Group but a shared document library for storing and sharing folders and documents between members. There’s also a shared OneNote Notebook, useful for taking a project and meeting notes. And so everyone in the group stays on the same page, there’s also access to Microsoft Planner, a shared calendar and a shared inbox for assistance in scheduling group meetings and events! To see Office 365 groups in action, click here!

Feature Update
Microsoft Teams is a new chat-based workspace in Office 365. It provides a hub for the team between employees in a totally seamless fashion. It provides instant access to all of your content in Office 365. Apps; SharePoint, OneNote, and Skype are built into the app – you can even edit documents without opening a separate program, just edit it right there in teams!

Teams are currently in Technical Preview right now (general availability is set to Q1 2017), but if you would like to activate it for your Office 365 tenant.