Preparing for the Dynamics 365 Transition

When Microsoft Dynamics 365 replaced Dynamics CRM, many Dynamics CRM users were uncertain at the thought of transitioning to a whole new platform. Now that Dynamics 365 has launched, its time to answer some of the most common questions about Dynamics 365 licensing, improvements, and making a smooth transition.

What Do You Get When You Transition to Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 launched with advanced business analytics and a comprehensive platform to unite all your business functions under one software umbrella. We’ve explored some of the many benefits of Dynamics 365 in the recent blogs below:

The bottom line? If your organization is working with a group of cobbled-together tools that are challenging to integrate, Dynamics 365 will provide a strong improvement. And if you’ve wanted to try department-specific software but keep putting it off because of integration issues or budgetary reasons, Dynamics 365 offers a customizable, cost-effective solution.

When to Transition to Dynamics 365 from Dynamics CRM

If you’re using Dynamics CRM Online, you will be required to transition to a new Dynamics 365 licensing plan when your current plan renews (usually one year after your initial purchase). Many users are choosing to make the leap sooner rather than waiting in order to take advantage of enhanced functionality and software upgrades. Instead of delaying the transition to Dynamics 365 and scrambling to choose the right options and apps at the last moment, we recommend talking to us now and preparing for a smooth transition before you’re required to make the switch.

Current Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition Licensing Overview

Dynamics 365 consists of a suite of apps that users can purchase as needed, which gives users significant licensing flexibility that did not exist in Dynamics CRM. Some popular apps include functions for sales teams, marketing, financial management, and operations, but the selection of apps and integration capabilities is virtually limitless.

Channel Specific Licensing Scenarios for Dynamics CRM Users

1.     Open License / Open Value / Open Value Subscription – At the end of their current CRM Online subscription, these users will be required to renew in an alternate channel (Direct, CSP, MPSA, or EA). In order to renew in CSP, you must use a CSP partner like IOTAP.

2.     Web-Direct (MOSP) Channel – At the time of renewal, these customers must switch to Dynamics 365 SKUs. Promo codes can be used before February 1, 2017. After February 1st, customers will need to renew at the transition price rate.

3.     CSP – These Dynamics Online customers are also required to switch to Dynamics 365 SKUs on or before their renewal date. As with the Web-Direct Channel above, promo pricing is available only until February 1st.

4.     MPSA – Transitioning to Dynamics 365 is required for renewal, and transition/offer SKUs have been available since December 1, 2016.

5.     Enterprise Agreement / EA Subscription – CRM Online customers on the EA program must upgrade to Dynamics 365 at renewal or before.

Basic Licensing Options for the Dynamics 365 Transition

Below, we’ve broken out two typical licenses to help you understand potential options. You can learn more about Dynamics 365 licenses here.

·      Sales, Field Service, Customer Service, & Project Service Automation:

o   1 included production instance

o   1 included the non-production instance

o   1 included portal

o   10GB of database storage plus 5GB additional per 20 full users

o   Dual use rights to Dynamics 365 On Premises

o   Subscription licenses for named users and devices

·      Operations:

o   1 included production instance

o   Sandbox 1 and 2 non-production instance(s)

o   100GB of file storage

o   10GB of database storage plus 5GB additional per 20 full users

o   Dual use rights to AX 2012 R3

o   Subscription licenses for named users and devices

With so many different options available, many Dynamics CRM users are struggling to choose the right licensing and add-on appropriate apps to integrate their departments under Dynamics 365. Talk to us today to find out about making a smooth transition from Dynamics CRM to Dynamics 365, or schedule a demo see how this progressive platform can advance your organization’s digital transformation.