Cloud Connect March 2017

Tips and Tricks:

Do you often find yourself spending more time trying to schedule a meeting than actually meeting? No more! Using FindTime for Microsoft Outlook, it’s easy to find a time for everyone to meet without the calling and emailing back and forth. Most importantly, FindTime works with personnel outside your organization whose calendars aren’t available to you!

A question of the Month:

Privacy is of the utmost concern for me. Is there any feature in Office 365 that would let me encrypt the mail messages I am sending?

  • Yes! Office 365 Message Encryption as part of Azure Rights Management allows senders inside an organization to send encrypted messages amongst themselves and to recipients outside an organization. Even better, outside recipients do not need a subscription!

Your Office 365 plan may already support Office 365 Message Encryption.

Feature Update:

Many of our clients ask for a way for them and their employees to have a persistent chat – something that keeps your conversation history between yourself and your coworkers stored and accessible. We know that Skype is great for short-term communication, but once you close the window, the history is saved to your mailbox and no longer in the chat window! Microsoft Teams is a great option to enable persistent chat in your workplace.

We’ve mentioned Microsoft Teams before in CloudConnect, but we’re mentioning it again because it is set to launch publicly! Microsoft Teams original debuted in preview back in early November.

Security and Backup:

A common question when moving to the cloud is “Where is the anti-virus?” And while the Microsoft Cloud does offer many innate more robust security benefits – things like two-factor authentication, the “basics” are left out. With some additional services for Office 365, the question of “How do I secure my cloud?” is answered. Although data is available in the cloud it is not protected from user errors or data loss from user actions.

To learn more about how to protect your all your data –email, documents, and systems contact us at [email protected] and learn about your options! Security and data protection is on top of mind and we can help you with the piece of mind!

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