Cloud Connect April 2017

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Tips and Tricks:

This month we have another tip to help schedule meetings within your organization – no additional software required!

In Outlook, it’s possible to have all your viewed calendars appear as one. This is called creating a Calendar Overlay, and it’s very simple!

  • On the navigation bar in Outlook (bottom left side) click the Calendar icon. Click each calendar you want to view.
  • Each calendar you check opens them in the default side-by-side view.
  • After you’ve added a calendar to the side-by-side view, on the calendar’s tab,

Each Calendar will be laid on top of each one you select! This makes it easy to identify free times among different calendars within your organization.

The question of the Month

How do I recover mistakenly deleted emails?

It is not possible to recover mistakenly permanently deleted emails without a backup service that provides a mode of recovery. IOTAP is proud to announce our managed backup service for our clients for as low as two dollars per month. This will protect against malicious and accidental email deletions as well as other miscellaneous mishaps – never again will you lose an email! Contact us for details today!

Feature Update:

Skye for Business has been going through some big changes! In addition to the forthcoming compatibility for Mac, we are pleased to announce that Office 365 E5 now offers an auto-attendant and queues for Skype for Business!

Auto Attendant provides an automated system to answer inbound phone calls to a company, play prompts to interact with the caller and determine the destination of the call. Prompts can be made from an uploaded pre-recorded material or use text-to-speech in 27 languages while replies from callers can be captured using touchtone or speech recognition in 14 languages. Callers can speak the name of an end-user in the tenant directory to be routed directly to that person or they can be presented with a customized menu to support routing to different departments.

  • Both Auto Attendants and Call Queues are managed from Office 365 and allow customers to have powerful call management functionality homed completely out of the cloud. To support this capability, customers can acquire both toll and toll-free phone numbers from over 90 countries around the world, all without the additional subscription cost.