Cloud Connect June 2017

CloudConnect is IOTAP’s new monthly publication for all things cloud. We will cover updates, tips & tricks and other relevant information for your cloud services. Be sure to write us at or follow us on twitter @iotap

Tips and Tricks:

Add and edit contacts right from Outlook on iOS (coming soon for Android.) To create a new contact in Outlook, simply go to the People tab and tap the + sign. You can also add a new contact directly from a message or event by tapping the name of a person and then tapping Add Contact.

Lastly, you can also use the search bar in the People tab to find and add contacts from your company directory.

Once you’ve added a contact, you can edit their information by opening the contact and tapping the Edit button. Any changes made in Outlook for iOS will be synced and available across all versions of Outlook.

A question of the Month:

I have an important server or desktop that would totally derail my business if something happened to it. How can IOTAP help protect my important files?

We at IOTAP pride ourselves in offering a multitude of services that help our customers sleep at night. We can deploy Azure Backup to protect anything your business needs backed up, from individual desktops and servers to Sharepoint and Exchange instances, to entire cloud infrastructures. Azure Backup provides:

  • A highly reliable, geo-redundant backup location (Much better than any USB drive dangling from a server.)
  • Secure data encryption; data is encrypted in flight and at rest.
  • 99.9% availability SLA
  • Great pricing, as low as $5/month!

Talk to us about backing up your important data today!

Feature Update

Skype for Business on Mac: A big feature has finally been added!

Desktop sharing in Conversations on Skype for Business on Mac. In the last update, Microsoft introduced the capability to share during an audio conversation and promised that we would add sharing for IM/Chat sessions as well. With this release, Microsoft has now included that support, so you can now share during a P2P session for audio and IM. We hope you find it useful.

PSTN Calling in the UK will be rolling out soon. PSTN calling gives Office 365 customers the option to give their users the ability to receive and make calls to traditional phone numbers from their Skype for Business clients.