Cloud Connect December 2017

Tips & Tricks:

  • Here at IOTAP we often hear a common question from our clients when we introduce them to OneDrive: “This means if my files are in OneDrive, I can access my files from anywhere? On any PC?” to which our answer is always a delighted “Yes!” The OneDrive app for mobile has been around for a while now, but there are two key announcements that are great news for OneDrive users who have an iOS device:
  • Recently, the functionality to use a OneDrive for Business Account was added to OneDrive for iOS.
  • In addition, you can drag files from other apps, such as iMessage, into your OneDrive, drag files out of your OneDrive to other apps, and drag files in between folders in OneDrive.
  • As always, if you need help setting this up, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

A question of the Month:

  • I have this wonderful new Sharepoint Intranet that IOTAP built for me, and I love it! Is there a way that I can maybe “spice it up” or make each page look a bit more distinct?
  • Indeed, there is! SharePoint allows the site owner to quickly adjust the look and feel of their site, using default theme designs provided by Microsoft, or custom theme designs provided by customer’s own IT. To access this feature per site, click the upper-right gear menu and then select: Change the look.

You can then selectThemingSitefrom the available theme designs. More info on SharePoint Theming can be found, and as always if you need help setting it up, please reach out!

Product Spotlight:

  • Concerning email security and information protection, IOTAP has two products that when combined, provide a watertight protection for your business email.
  • IOTAP managed backup offers an unlimited archive for your email, searching for new sent or received messages as often as every 5 minutes and backing them up! The best part is that the archive is created separately from your mailbox, so no matter what there will always be a copy of your messages!
  • We’ve mentioned Office 365 Advanced Protection in the newsletter before. As a brief refresher -Microsoft tests the attachment or link for you (on their side) and if it’s malicious, it doesn’t get to your mailbox! We’re proud to announce thatOffice 365 Advanced Threat Protection’s Safe Links will be available for both iOS and Android mobile devices!
  • IOTAP Managed backup and Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection is available as part of our Business Plan 1, 2 and 3 bundles for Office 365, or as a separate service for $2.00/user/month, respectively. If you’re interested, please reach out and we’ll assist you in getting this set up!