Cloud Connect March 2018

Tips & Tricks:

It’s still common practice to send documents back and forth between colleagues in an organization. One party makes their changes, sends it back, the other party makes their changes, sends it back, the other party doesn’t like the changes that were made and then everyone gets a big headache over a simple document.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way that everyone could work on the same document at once? Maybe have a quick meeting on skype for Business or Teams and get everyone’s hands on it at the same time?

With collaborative editing in Office 365, you can.

  • When you and your colleagues want to collaborate on a document, use real-time co-authoring to see everyone’s changes as they happen. Collaboration is a simple three-step process:
  • You save the document to OneDrive or SharePoint Online, so others can work in it.
  • You invite people to edit it with

When they open and work on the document in Word 2016, Word Online and Word Android you’ll see each other’s changes as soon as they’re made.

If you need help setting this up, let us know!

If you’re interested in setting up Microsoft Teams.

A question of the Month:

It’s the busy time of the season for my business! I don’t have time to be sitting and sorting and reading through emails. I’ve been having my assistant read them to me, but he’s losing his voice and can’t answer the phones. Is there a way that Outlook can help with this?

Stay tuned! The outlook for Windows will be rolling out a “Read Aloud” feature in April! We’ll be sure to get more details as we have them.

Keeping Pace with Dynamics 365:

Are you consistently running out of storage in Dynamics 365? We have a way to help! Simple instructions below, but if you need help please let us know!

Steps to Resolve Storage issues on Dynamics 365

Install Organization Insights

  1. Login as global admin of Office tenant.
    2. Navigate to the Dynamics Market Place.
    3. Search for Organization insights solution.
    4. Click Download to install the solution.
    Evaluate and identify what is consuming Dynamics 365 space
    5. Post Installation, look for Entities consuming more storage.


  1. If the issue is being caused by Email Attachments then, Download the Attachment Manager and enable it.
    7. Watch your expensive Dynamics 365storage free up on the server
    8. If email attachments are not the culprits, then contact us and let us help!